Manayunk is a neighborhood that elicits strong reactions, some extremely positive and some less so. For us, we can never get enough of the steep hills, metal and stone infrastructure, historic architecture, and dense character that combine to make this neighborhood something of its own little hamlet. The property at

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While Fishtown and East Kensington continue to fill in, development keeps pushing further and further north, with Lehigh Ave. forming a natural border to the neighborhoods to the north. At 2654 Coral St., right near the busy corner of Frankford & Lehigh, the building party continues at the site of

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5000 E. Flat Rock Rd. might not be an address you'd immediately recognize, and for good reason. Sitting at the NW end of Venice Island, the man-made strip of land just off "mainland" Manayunk, this property is nearly impossible to see, save from quite a far distance. After serving as

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We've waxed poetic about Ridge Ave. numerous times, so we won't belabor the point: this commercial artery is both historic and rapidly changing. Ridge in Roxborough has seen plenty of development in recent years, which brings us to 5959 Ridge Ave. to see an example of the corridor's ongoing evolution.


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When we were digging into the history of Starr Garden Park, the block-sized recreation space between 6th & 7th on the south side of Lombard, we realized we could reference...ourselves. This park dates all the way back to 1895 and still serves as a wonderful, tree-filled space smack-dab in the

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It was all the way back in 2014, back when $255-million-dollar-man Jalen Hurts was still in high school dreaming of championships, that we took you to Queen Village to tell you about the history of the Southwark/Queen Village Garden. This garden has been maintained by a group of local neighbors

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While the massive uCity Square campus is making the biggest change to the area, there is plenty of other activity in the gorgeous Powelton Village in West Philadelphia. At 3727 Baring St., a bit north of the uCity Square action, we find ourselves at the former home of Catalyst Church.

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We visit the Rail Park fairly regularly, but every time we do, we find ourselves wishing we came around even more often. This raised public space, elegantly designed by Studio|BryanHanes, is approaching its five-year anniversary, and its landscaping looks as lush as ever as it cascades over the angular, Corten

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Hey, have you heard about that project on N. Front Street on the South Kensington/Fishtown border? If you're nodding your head yes, you aren't alone, as there are approximately one zillion projects in various stages of development around here. After having our eye on zoning documents for a long time,

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Day after day, one-story commercial buildings surrounded by parking are becoming increasingly antiquated, especially near-ish to transit and/or in booming neighborhoods. One building that checks both boxes is the BB&T Bank at 130 W. Girard Ave. at the far NE corner of Northern Liberties. Perhaps several years back this sort

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