It is rare that we even slightly pause at the loss of a surface parking lot, but we must admit that the case of 36-42 S. 2nd St. caused us some mixed emotions. We visited the site back in 2021 when there were plans for a 66-unit building to rise

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Back in February, we covered a massive new project which could rise near the Provident Mutual Campus at 46th & Market. This has long been a controversial site, ever since the City and the Police Department abandoned plans to transform the historic structure into a new PPD HQ, before pivoting

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We sure have been busy along the east side of the City, especially along the central part of the Delaware River Waterfront, which is currently experiencing a huge wave of development. We covered many of these projects recently as we made our way through a development tour of the area,

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It seems as if every time we make our way up Ridge Ave., we are met with new foundations, new framing, and other progress on the many projects that have been proposed in Roxborough. Today, we check in on three such projects, all of which roughly sit proximate to the

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Real estate development can be a touchy subject at times, as people have wildly different opinions regarding density, parking, architecture, affordability, and so forth. Whatever your position on one of these subjects, there's definitely someone out there who thinks you are the biggest fool on the planet. But there's one

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Market Street, as it bisects Philadelphia on its east-west axis, covers just about every possible urban environment you can think of, with skyscrapers, historic buildings, and elevated rail lines mixing with everything else you can possibly imagine. One of the more unusual parts of Market in our opinion, is the

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Northwest Philly, to no one's surprise who lives there or has been through recently, is having a bit of a moment from a development perspective. There are projects going up in every neighborhood you could think of, and we have another one to add to the list. At 5037-41 Wissahickon

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Philadelphia sports fandom is one of the most difficult to explain phenomena that we can think of. The passion, the excitement, the brashness, and the knowledge of the game are mixed with a sense of existential dread, especially for those of us who grew up during the dearth of championships

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"Adaptive reuse" is one of our favorite phrases to hear when it comes to development in Philadelphia. These two little words typically imply that a piece of the city's architectural past is being retained, while also boosting functionality for the 21st century. 2100-12 Arch St. might not seem like a

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Fishtown infrastructure has been in a state of construction for several years, thanks to the widening and improvements that are part of the 95Revive program. Thankfully, a majority of the construction in the area is now completed, with through-streets now open again, along with landscaping and hardscaped paths below and

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