Just a block to the west from several apartments in the works, West Catholic Prep stands as one of the finest pieces of academic architecture in the city. The building opened in the 1920s and stands much the same today, despite somehow not being listed on the local Register of

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Fitler Square is undoubtedly one of the quaintest and most walkable neighborhoods in the city, but you may not have previously noticed the corner of 21st & Rodman. Sitting just steps away from South Street, this corner had long been home to a set of rather forgettable stucco-clad buildings, one

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With everything happening across the greatest city in the gosh darn university, we can sometimes lose our sense of timing when it comes to previous visits. Case in point? The several blocks of Chestnut St. in Spruce Hill, where project after project was set to change the face of an

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It seems wild, but it was just over a year ago when we made a development journey to check on the action in what we dubbed Lower Fishtown. We've visited a few of those projects since then, but it seemed time to check on what was happening along Frankford Ave.,

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When we were visiting the on-the-market Painted Bride the other day, we couldn't help but hint at the crazy amount of action taking place along just one block of Vine St. in Old City. As we peered west from the corner of N. 2nd & Vine, we were struck by

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We have spent plenty of time on Vine St. in Old City recently, as projects are popping up and wrapping up left and right. This has been one of the busier streets in the area, with the Painted Bride serving something of an axis around which everything else spun. Funnily

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PHA Fairhill Phase 2-06

Public housing has a roughly 100-year history in the United States, and the government is still trying to figure out the most effective approach to solving the intractable problem of finding shelter for folks who are priced out of market rate housing. Take, for example, the tower-in-the-park approach that was

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The other day when we were visiting the former UScience's campus that St. Joe's plans to sell, we were caught off-guard by a looming orange presence. No, we don't mean an unexpected visit by Gritty, but by a strikingly contemporary facade hidden behind the braided branches of the trees of

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You're likely familiar with St. Joseph's University, sitting on the western edge of the city, and you may also be familiar with the former USciences as well. But it's entirely possible that you were unaware that St. Joe's merged with USciences a couple years back, taking over the small campus

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After checking out a trio of projects along N. 3rd St., we decided to continue north to see what we could see along this stretch. Unsurprisingly, we found a couple other intriguing sites: one at the finish line and another eagerly awaiting its next phase.We start with 1139 N. 3rd

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