Marshall St. in Northern Liberties has seen a wild transformation on the blocks between Girard Ave. and Poplar St. over the last decade. We visited this stretch in 2014, when the former commercial strip was seeing signs of redevelopment after years of disinvestment. When we returned in the summer of

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The Keystone Mill has stood at 201 Leverington Ave. since 1887, when the shoddy mill - which was not poorly built, but manufactured rough wool from old fabric and rags - was built for the Johnston family (Fun fact: the original home for the family's mill was at the SE

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It has been slightly over two years since we were at the NW corner of 13th & Bainbridge, when we told you about enlarged plans for a project that was slated to rise on a vacant lot. After plenty of back and forth, this city-owned parcel was finally approved to

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Rittenhouse Square is jam-packed with amazing architecture, with the stately Boyd's building at 1818 Chestnut St. serving as an amazing example of the area's offerings. This grand clothing store has been operating here for nearly a century, serving as a vestige of the shopping habits of years past, hearkening back

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It was just last week that we found ourselves at the intersection of Frankford Ave., Lehigh Ave., and Coral St. at the tippy top of East Kensington. As we were checking on the Coral House rising on what was once a surface parking lot, we mentioned the shuttered Kensington Community

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One of our favorite pastimes is to wander the streets, ducking into alleys and narrow lanes to see what we can see. When walking along Chestnut St. in Old City the other day, we glanced down the narrow Bank Ln., where a tall, yellow presence caught our attention.We found ourselves

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We dove deep into the history of 500 South St. a decade ago, describing its numerous iterations over the years. To summarize - a photo studio occupied the building around 1900, before a pivot to a fabric store and then a clothing store through the 1960s. If you remember South

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The area around the train tracks north of Lehigh Ave. at the Fishtown/Kensington/Port Richmond border have been, at times, ground zero of the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia. At the same time, Fishtown and East Kensington have been booming in recent years, and development has been making its way into Port

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The intersection of Frankford & Lehigh Ave. has been a frequent stop on our development travels over the years. With Kensington Courts and the Penn Reading now complete on the east side of Frankford Ave., we turn our gaze towards the western side of the busy road. When looking down

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Stephen Starr is such a staple in the Philadelphia restaurant revival of the late 1990s and early 2000s, that you may have forgotten that his first venture into the biz was in 1995 at the SE corner of 2nd & Market St., where he opened the Continental. This vibey restaurant/lounge

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