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As we were making our way back from visiting the glimmering Vagelos Laboratory in University City the other day, we couldn't help but swing by the Schuylkill River Trail to enjoy some sun next to the water. We worked our way southward, exploring all the way to the newest area,

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While Grays Ferry has seen a considerable amount of construction and renovation over the last several years, the vast majority of this development has been of the low density, infill variety. This is in contrast to some other neighborhoods that have seen lots of construction of late, where we've seen

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We've long considered the stretch of Grays Ferry Avenue between Washington Avenue and 34th Street to be a significant untapped resource. Extending for just over half a mile, it's home to several large but underused properties, many of which would make for terrific multi-family development sites. The Grays Ferry neighborhood

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There are few things that excite us more development-wise than when an older building that has fallen on hard times gets a new lease on life. As we reported last summer, the project at 2501 Oakford St. most definitely falls into this category. Sitting just to the west of the

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3 Aerial View Along Pennovation Walk & 35th Street

It seems as if every other week we have news of a large life sciences building going up in some part of the city. The University City area has dominated these types of developments thus far (honorable mention to the Navy Yard), but this time it appears that just a

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Barna Printing operated at 2911 Tasker St. starting in 1973, specializing in letterpress printing in a time that printing anything at all required some level of special equipment. Over the last fifty years, the printing business has changed dramatically (like most businesses, now that we think about it), and the

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Let's face it, Grays Ferry Avenue is no great shakes. Once it goes south of Washington Avenue, it's pretty much a mix of industrial buildings and vacant land, with the exception of the Grays Ferry Shopping Center. This shopping center, incidentally, is a bit of a retail destination in this

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A couple years back, we told you about a potential adaptive reuse project at 2922 Dickinson St., more commonly known as the Saint Gabriel convent. This building was constructed in 1914 and and inhabited by nuns for generations, through the heyday of the Saint Gabriel Parish on the north side

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Ah, the 25th Street viaduct. There's no better way to know that you're leaving Point Breeze and entering Grays Ferry, or vice versa. This cement structure which covers 25th Street in a perpetual shadow has one purpose, and that's to transport CSX trains across town. While that's awesome for CSX,

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Do you want to be a real estate developer? Have you got an appetite for vacant land on Grays Ferry Avenue? Do you dream about owning a property that's immediately next door to a meat wholesaler? Buddy, have we got the property for you. Consider, if you will, 2701 Ellsworth

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