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It's no secret that much of the development coverage on your favorite real estate blog focuses on the Greater Center City area, with a heaping dose of West Philly to round out the offerings. However, more and more development is taking in place in North Philadelphia, with 1708 W. Tioga

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1830 N. Broad St., sitting on the west side of Broad in the middle of Temple University's campus, isn't a property that stands out much at first blush. The western terminus of Polett Walk, this large property consists of fairly non-descript campus buildings along with plenty of recreational fields for

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It's been a week of highs and lows for Temple University, with their first Top-100 ranking in the U.S. News & World Report slotting our favorite North Philadelphia educational institution at the 89 spot. Sadly, this good news was paired with the tragic and sudden passing of Temple's interim president,

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The area around Temple's campus isn't necessarily the most beautiful part of the city. With an unfortunate number of empty lots and decrepit buildings, the line between the shiny campus and the grittier surroundings can be quite stark. Thanks to a recent demo permit (more on that in a minute),

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Sometimes when we write an article, we have to dive years back into our extensive archives to find the last time we visited a site.

This, however, is not one of those times.

We have to go back a mere 24 hours in this instance, as brand-new plans have been released for

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Temple University has a long history as an anchor institution along North Broad Street, serving as a job center for many years and more recently spurring considerable residential development in the surrounding neighborhoods. The history of the school's relationship with the surrounding neighborhood hasn't always been so rosy, with a

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The Broad & Girard intersection is one of the major crossroads in the city, and not just because two wide roads happen to meet at this location. Featuring both the Girard Ave. stop on the Broad Street Line as well as the returning-in-September Route 15 trolley line stop, you might

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1600N11th-NewRender02-north Facade

It was one year ago that we first brought your attention to the surface parking lot at 1600 N. 11th St., where plans for 320 units across two buildings were set to upgrade an underutilized parcel next to Temple University. While this sounds like a project with some real size

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The area east of Temple University and the Silicon Valley are rarely mistaken for one another. However, one company is working on bringing these wildly different areas a little bit closer. NYCE is a real estate and investment platform that crowdsources funding for projects that focus on bringing tech and

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As new residential development has pushed out in all directions from Temple University, the low hanging fruit was grabbed and devoured years ago. As such, new projects have slowed down, thanks to fewer intuitive development opportunities, combined with high prices for desirable parcels. This has resulted in projects with unexpected

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