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02-69-83 Laurel

Fishtown's "entertainment district" at the south terminus of Frankford Ave. is one of the more interesting areas we can think of from a development standpoint. The area's past consisted of mostly industrial uses, with a few of the buildings and businesses holding on to this day. The Fillmore complex adaptively-reuses

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Front And Cecil B 2024

While we recently swung by the corner of N. Front St. & Cecil B. Moore for a video check-in on the construction progress at the intersection, we thought it was high time for a written update, since it's been about a year-and-a-half. Home to the beloved International Bar, Fishtown Plaza

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After making our way around the southern tip of Frankford Ave., we decided to take a stroll a few blocks north of Naked Philly's super-secret Fishtown HQ to check out the happenings there. As one might expect, there's plenty in the works, but today we draw our eyes toward several

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It seems wild, but it was just over a year ago when we made a development journey to check on the action in what we dubbed Lower Fishtown. We've visited a few of those projects since then, but it seemed time to check on what was happening along Frankford Ave.,

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The intersection of Front & Girard in Fishtown is one of the more chaotic corners in the entire city. With the overhead tracks and MFL station paired with the mayhem of traffic and pedestrians, this isn't exactly a spot where you're going to find a deep sense of relaxation. And

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Sometimes, the projects we cover make all the sense in the world, with understandable steps leading to a concept that one would reasonably expect. And then there are projects that...don't. For a range of reasons, real estate transactions and development can be difficult to parse out, especially with limited available

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When we walk out of the front door of our Fishtown office, it is impossible to miss 1359 Frankford Ave. rising just across the street. Previously a fenced off surface parking lot, plans have been in the works here for several years, with our latest check-in early last year when

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We sure have been spending a lot of time lately near I-95 in Fishtown, as proposals, potential and on-going construction have caught our attention on a regular basis. Most of this has been happening on the Delaware River side of the interstate, but today we are jumping back over to

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Frankford Ave., one of the bustling commercial corridors of Fishtown, has undergone a multitude of changes as it has transitioned to a mixed-use neighborhood over the last decade or so. 1324 Frankford Ave., which just happens to double as homebase for Naked Philly, is one such project that has changed

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We've had a good run lately of stopping by paused proposal sites and having them magically move forward soon after. Let's add 1212-16 Delaware Ave. to the mix, after we stopped by here when admiring the potential around a project immediately to the south. Sitting on a little sliver of

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