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We sure have been busy along the east side of the City, especially along the central part of the Delaware River Waterfront, which is currently experiencing a huge wave of development. We covered many of these projects recently as we made our way through a development tour of the area,

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Real estate development can be a touchy subject at times, as people have wildly different opinions regarding density, parking, architecture, affordability, and so forth. Whatever your position on one of these subjects, there's definitely someone out there who thinks you are the biggest fool on the planet. But there's one

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While development abounds in all directions from the prominent corner at Frankford & Girard at the beating heart of Fishtown, things along the north side of Girard have been a bit suboptimal in terms of retail near this intersection. While the modern multi-family development at 17 W. Girard Ave. is

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After stopping by the massive Piazza Alta site to continue our charge of development site visits, let's explore the very southeastern corner of Fishtown. Here's that handy-dandy map again, to get a rough idea of what we're talking about.South of Girard Ave. can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, but

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As Fishtown and Olde Richmond blend together near the intersection of Lehigh & Aramingo, there is a convergence of the industrial heritage, the rowhome past, and the autocentric present. A mix of older industrial buildings, traditional rowhouse-lined streets and the arterial churn of Aramingo form an interesting and changing pocket

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Things have been just a little busy along Delaware Ave./Columbus Blvd. from the Ben Franklin Bridge north to the upcoming Graffiti Pier update. We took you on a video voyage back in the spring, but even that only featured a handful of the projects in the works along this development

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There are countless quaint spots along Frankford Ave. in Fishtown, with Palmer Park being one of our favorites. This shaded park provides a wonderful touch of nature and greenery for the main commercial corridor in this dense rowhouse neighborhood. However, the parking lot across the street from Palmer Park at

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One of our favorite Philadelphia regional words to say is (heavy accent required) "Aramingo," also known as the wide commercial street which starts in Fishtown and winds its way to the northeast, eventually ending in Bridesburg. Did you know that Aramingo is actually a shortened version of Tumanaraming, the Lenape

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The southern Frankford Ave. corridor has been a magnet for development, as we covered on a quick jaunt through the area in August. One of our favorites amongst these is the proposal at 1000-10 N. Delaware Ave., where we discussed plans presented to the Fishtown Neighbors Association back in June.

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"Whimsy" probably isn't the first word you think of when it comes to the El tracks that hover above Front Street, and for good reason. It's the El! It's a sun-blocking steel superstructure that we all wish could be buried! Fortunately, things are getting a bit less grave on the

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