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Bethany Lutheran Church at 401 Martin St. had been a staple on the community for over 175 years, first across the street (at the current cemetery), before building its longtime home in 1873. The church held its last service in November of last year, leaving the fate of the building

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It seems as if every time we make our way up Ridge Ave., we are met with new foundations, new framing, and other progress on the many projects that have been proposed in Roxborough. Today, we check in on three such projects, all of which roughly sit proximate to the

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Manayunk is a neighborhood that elicits strong reactions, some extremely positive and some less so. For us, we can never get enough of the steep hills, metal and stone infrastructure, historic architecture, and dense character that combine to make this neighborhood something of its own little hamlet. The property at

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5000 E. Flat Rock Rd. might not be an address you'd immediately recognize, and for good reason. Sitting at the NW end of Venice Island, the man-made strip of land just off "mainland" Manayunk, this property is nearly impossible to see, save from quite a far distance. After serving as

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We've waxed poetic about Ridge Ave. numerous times, so we won't belabor the point: this commercial artery is both historic and rapidly changing. Ridge in Roxborough has seen plenty of development in recent years, which brings us to 5959 Ridge Ave. to see an example of the corridor's ongoing evolution.


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The Ridge Avenue Roxborough Thematic Historic District has become a development hotbed as of late. The mix of historic architecture and neighborhood charm unsurprisingly has caught the eye of developers who are proposing projects both large and small in the district. One of the smaller projects is taking place at

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Sometimes when we're covering projects, they dramatically change in design or approach, barely resembling the first version proposed. In other instances, not so much. While some changes are more obvious than others, those sorts of finer details can be the thing that takes a project from being forgettable to memorable,

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As you make your way through the heart of Manayunk, you will come across a somewhat hidden and easily forgettable property at 3900 Main St., where a low-rise structure and a surface lot are surrounded by trees right along the Schuylkill River. We actually visited this site previously, first in

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The word "Venice" automatically transports us to the canals and waterways of the Italian city famous for its aquatic transportation. Venice Island in Manayunk, while not quite as famous, also sits along a canal, which once was one of the key shipping channels for the region. However, we only have

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If you asked a random Philly dweller to talk about Ridge Avenue, you could get about a thousand different answers, as this jaunty street stretches across a huge swath of the city. From Chinatown to Roxborough, Ridge Ave. offers the full gamut of the urban experience, sometimes for better (pedestrian-friendly)

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