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The word "Venice" automatically transports us to the canals and waterways of the Italian city famous for its aquatic transportation. Venice Island in Manayunk, while not quite as famous, also sits along a canal, which once was one of the key shipping channels for the region. However, we only have

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If you asked a random Philly dweller to talk about Ridge Avenue, you could get about a thousand different answers, as this jaunty street stretches across a huge swath of the city. From Chinatown to Roxborough, Ridge Ave. offers the full gamut of the urban experience, sometimes for better (pedestrian-friendly)

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Real estate development can take a long and occasionally perilous course, and Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) often play a sizable role in determining the level of perilousness for a given project. Or is it perilosity? Either way - as we've covered recently and many times in the past, not everyone

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We've mentioned this perhaps a few times before, but the Roxborough neighborhood has recently found itself to be quite the development hotbed. Let's add 5001 Umbria St. to the list of properties that are undergoing big transformations. For many years, Mel's Kitchen and Catering made their home here in a

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If you've strolled around Manayunk at any point over the last couple decades, you surely understand how the neighborhood feels pretty packed. Just typing that last sentence leads to flashbacks of trying to find parking at night along snowy, hilly roads where there seemed to be an endless parade of

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We know we sound like a broken record, but the pipeline of proposals on Ridge Avenue lately sure seems never-ending. When we were recently up there to check in on a project at 6830-32 Ridge Ave., we noticed a construction fence nearby. When we moseyed our way over, we found

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It was only two months ago that we brought your attention to the building at 7041 Ridge Ave., along an extremely busy Roxborough development corridor. Let's give ourselves a quick reminder of the current state of affairs for this nondescript but historic building, which has been used for several commercial

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We've been spending all sorts of time lately up and down Ridge Avenue, from West Poplar all the way out to Roxborough. Of late, we've seen several proposals on the western side of this arterial street, with a small stretch seeing a number of very similar approaches, entailing backyard additions

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Philadelphia is known for its history (duh) and is currently the nation's only UNESCO World Heritage City. But did you know that Roxborough and Ridge Ave. go allllll the way back to before city's founding and that the neighborhood was recently designated a historic district? We typically think of Old

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Restaurants are no easy business, especially during Covidtimes. To make it even a handful of years should be considered a success, so the Adobe Cafe in Roxborough holding on strong since 1989 is nothing short of remarkable. This spot has long been bringing Southwestern and Mexican fare in a family

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