The Ridge Avenue Roxborough Thematic Historic District has become a development hotbed as of late. The mix of historic architecture and neighborhood charm unsurprisingly has caught the eye of developers who are proposing projects both large and small in the district. One of the smaller projects is taking place at 7028 Ridge Ave., where an old structure is getting a neighbor on its adjacent surface lot. Right across the street from another addition we covered, this property has plans for a new standalone three-story, four-unit building. Before we get to the details, let’s fly over to the site and check out the scene.

Elevation drawing shows of the frontage along Ridge Ave.

Studio C Architecture, which has been very busy in this neck of the woods lately, is proposing an industrial-inspired design to join the mix of architectural styles along this stretch. Given the property’s position in the historic district, a trip to the Historical Commission took place last week, where the brick-heavy design received mostly positive feedback. Featuring a substantial cornice and large windows, the design calls for four two-bed units with zero parking – a big win for transit-forward design. Additionally, the two units on the upper floors will both have access to their own enormous rooftop decks.

Side elevation drawing, which will likely lose the rounded brick imprint
The location of the new building, now a surface parking lot next to the companion structure to the left

We do expect to see some slight changes here, however. Look for the removal of the arched brick inset on the side, a switch from vinyl to composite siding panels, and a reduction in the front window openings, with more of the greenish paneling to take its place. The brick will also be shifted a bit to allow for the facade to turn along the side that’s hidden in the rendering. Overall, however, the design should remain mostly as is.

Once the adjustments have been presented to and approved by the Historical Commission at a future meeting, the project can move forward and should be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. We are more than aware of the car concerns of the neighbors here without the inclusion of dedicated parking, but this type of addition most certainly adds to the area. Roxborough is most undeniably changing, and we hope that as it continues to evolve, the quality of the future designs match this one.