We just can’t seem to rip ourselves away from Roxborough, where there is an abundance of development taking place of varying shapes and sizes. Much of this development is happening along Ridge Ave., where everything from new, mid-rise apartment buildings to small multi-family to gorgeous adaptive reuse is in the cards. Today’s trip to 7330 Ridge Ave. is a bit bittersweet, as a zoning permit was just issued for the complete demolition of the handsome home that has stood on this 1.35-acre property since 1925. While the home isn’t in the best shape according to a recent listing on Redfin, it’s still a bummer to see it reach the end of the line.

A look at the stone-covered home at 7330 Ridge Ave.
An aerial of the property shows its large size as compared to its surroundings

So, why is this house being demolished? According to property records, it appears that Terra Firma Builders purchased the parcel a couple months back, seemingly with an eye towards redeveloping this RSD-3 zoned property. While the house was in need of some TLC for both the main, six-bedroom house as well as the separate pool house, there are plenty of original details in seemingly good condition.

Some of the historical woodworking, with decidedly ahistorical tiles
Stained glass details, still looking pretty darn good

Our guess? We see the development team demo the current house and build a larger, custom house that will be marketed for sale. If the zoning was more permissive to multifamily living, we would immediately have assumed this would be redeveloped into an apartment building, much like the other properties we alluded to close by. But given the firm’s focus and the painful process of going through the Zoning Board of Adjustment’s gamut, our guess is a massive, expensive, single-family home will rise here.

While the details won’t come to light for a while, we are a bit saddened to see this home meet the wrecking ball. While sitting right near the Ridge Avenue Roxborough Thematic Historic District, this property is not individually designated, clearing the way for the demo. Like it or not, Roxborough is changing every day, so be sure to get a last glimpse of this one before it bites the dust.