At 2401 Washington Ave., beauty isn't exactly something that pops to mind at first blush. For over a century, the corner has looked a bit rough, with a dilapidated wood structure from the early 1900's giving way to a surface lot that saw little but piles of trash. There are

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It was just over a month ago that we last made our way to 500 N. Columbus Blvd., where we told you about plans afoot for an adaptive reuse for the building sporting the giant American flag mural. Today, we are checking out a different part of the property, where

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Some projects are a long time coming, and the Dwell 2nd Street apartments most definitely fit this profile. After we first covered a previous version of this project a decade ago, we were back again in 2018 as construction was beginning on the first phase of the project. Last summer

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We're not sure how you like to have fun on rainy Thursday mornings, but for us there's nothing quite like hanging out towards the back of the parking lot at Columbus Crossing in Pennsport. To get there, we first needed to traverse the massive parking lot that serves an even

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After exciting updates on our development journey in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5, today brings us to the sixth and final stop on our magical mystery/construction tour. While you're wiping your tears away reminiscing about our voyage, let's take a gander at the map

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If we've said it once, we've said it approximately 5,758 times, but surface parking lots are just not our thing. When said lot is both in a central location AND immediately adjacent to a transit line, we can feel our blood pressure rise, as this is just about the lowest

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After our lower Fishtown check-in following Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our development journey, we make our way to the Delaware River Waterfront, where several projects are well underway in this rapidly changing area. After few projects over the last couple of decades, there is development everywhere

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After stopping by the massive Piazza Alta site to continue our charge of development site visits, let's explore the very southeastern corner of Fishtown. Here's that handy-dandy map again, to get a rough idea of what we're talking about.South of Girard Ave. can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, but

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Standing at the corner of 24th & Walnut for 107 years, the bridge-facing building at 200 S. 24th St. often goes unnoticed, compared to its taller and more prominent neighbors. While looking fairly ordinary at first glance, this little riverfront building has many stories to tell.

The National Enameling and Stamping

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While all of the stops on the previous (and future) legs of our development tour featured large projects, today we're looking at a project so big that it pretty much creates a new neighborhood. Piazza Alta includes several buildings, adding 1,131 units to the large Piazza complex. Though the address

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