Galvo-01 H And A

We've waxed poetic about the Workshop of the World and the changing nature of the Riverwards more often than James Harden expresses displeasure with his current team. But certain events serve as more momentous harbingers to change than others. This year's demolition of the colloquially named Galvo, the former heavy

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We sure have been busy in Old City lately, so let's add another exciting update to the list of fun. The property at 69-71 N. 2nd St. at the corner of 2nd & Arch last popped up on our radar back in March of last year. This former Economy restaurant

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After telling you about a residential conversion for 1701 Market St. just yesterday, we are pleased to report we have some more details, including some initial updates on the design and amenities. But first, a quick reminder of the current state of the office building in question, which sits in

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Back in December 2022, we were excited to report that 1701 Market St. was in store for a residential conversion by developers Alterra Property Group. Back then, longtime office tenant Morgan Lewis was slated for a move to their new digs at 2222 Market St., so Alterra put the property

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When we think of the term "cold feet," we often think of a bride or groom having second thoughts at the last minute before taking the proverbial plunge. For the Painted Bride at 230 Vine St., the drama over the years has been on par with the wedding finale of

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We started our day this morning with an unexpected pleasure in the car - a shiny little light on the dashboard with an exclamation point inside of what looks like the letter U. That light, on the off chance you've never seen it, is a sign of low tire pressure,

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Despite being in the heart of the city and seemingly "here" for ages, Old City has seen some pretty remarkable changes over the last decade or so. We touched upon this recently in our Time Traveling series, but the changes near 2nd & Race St. from exactly a decade ago

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Sometimes when we write an article, we have to dive years back into our extensive archives to find the last time we visited a site.

This, however, is not one of those times.

We have to go back a mere 24 hours in this instance, as brand-new plans have been released for

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Temple University has a long history as an anchor institution along North Broad Street, serving as a job center for many years and more recently spurring considerable residential development in the surrounding neighborhoods. The history of the school's relationship with the surrounding neighborhood hasn't always been so rosy, with a

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While we were trekking around South Kensington to check on a new brewery/residence, we were floored by the amount of construction happening all around. Even though we are in the area often and seek out construction sites, this little pocket has so much in progress it can be difficult to

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