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PHA Fairhill Phase 2-06

Public housing has a roughly 100-year history in the United States, and the government is still trying to figure out the most effective approach to solving the intractable problem of finding shelter for folks who are priced out of market rate housing. Take, for example, the tower-in-the-park approach that was

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It is always exciting, seeing development at scale spring up in spots that have long been neglected, and the Broad St. corridor north of Erie Ave. is certainly a place that fits this mold. After serving as the backbone of industry and commerce for years, we're all aware that this

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The stunning Temple Beth Israel Synagogue in Strawberry Mansion was constructed in 1907 and designed by Sauer & Hahn (who have buildings you may be familiar with across the city), and this gorgeous domed building stood at 3135-49 W. Montgomery Ave. for well over a hundred years. After closing as

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North Philly contains quite a number of hulking, industrial gems from the past, and the one at 2100 W. Allegheny Ave. most certainly fits this profile. This was the original home to the Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company and the first section of this building went up in 1919. For those

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