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The other day, we were out visiting a lovely triumvirate of new homes at 21st & Rodman and we barely made it half a block before a project at 2100 Lombard St. popped back onto our development radar. As you cans see, these projects sit basically on the same block,

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Isn't it fun when the Spring of Deception rears its head, only to then suddenly whip you back towards the icy throes of Third Winter? Sometimes it is, actually, like the other day when our inappropriate jacket selection caused us to take an unexpected route in hopes of avoiding the

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Fitler Square is undoubtedly one of the quaintest and most walkable neighborhoods in the city, but you may not have previously noticed the corner of 21st & Rodman. Sitting just steps away from South Street, this corner had long been home to a set of rather forgettable stucco-clad buildings, one

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It is not rare for projects to morph and change as they move forward, as all sorts of externalities can cause zigs and zags as a building grows from idea to realty. Sometimes, those changes can be rather dramatic, with 2112 Walnut St. being a wonderful case study. After a

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We've written about the ritzy Rittenhouse Square area many times, with pre-war rowhomes mixing with glitzy condo towers to create perhaps the most sought out neighborhood in the entire region. As the tried-and-true real estate saying goes: location, location, and uh, we forget the third word. At 2041 Delancey Pl.,

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What could help warm one inside and out on the day after Christmas like the prospect of new renderings? Gleaming new renderings always give us some pep in our step, and today at 1701 Market St., we have some updates for this office-to-residential conversion. We last stopped here back in

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You may remember back in August when we took you to 2112 Walnut St. in Rittenhouse Square to tell you about a proposed overbuild directly next to an already completed overbuild. We had a bit of a fake-out on our hands since then, as the proposal was pulled from subsequent

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Now that we've navigated #SpookySZN and have started blasting Mariah Carey, we decided to make our way through Rittenhouse to see something decidedly unscary. On a stretch that formerly was best known for its parking garage, the property at 1620 Sansom St. has undergone a major improvement over the last

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2030Christian-02 From Christian

Thanks to Philly's often vague rules and overlapping jurisdictional claims, the projects we see presented to a given governing body can look wildly different. Case in point: two projects which were recently posted to the Architectural Committee website of Philadelphia's Historical Commission. One might rightfully expect to see rowhouse additions,

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Back in 2018, we took you to 2110 Walnut St. in Rittenhouse, where a surface parking lot and the earliest remaining of Frank Furness' buildings were to morph into a mixed-use condo project, with a modern addition designed by Cecil Baker + Partners. That project is long since completed, and

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