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Every time a surface parking lot in Greater Center City meets its demise, we muster up our best urbanist celebration as we toast to a higher-and-better use than surface parking. Two such lots in the Logan Square neighborhood - one at 23rd & Summer and another at 23rd & Cherry

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Spring Garden Street west of Broad is one of the loveliest stretches in the city thanks to its varied architecture and (mostly) tree-lined streets, making it worthy of its historic designation. As one makes their way past the Community College of Philadelphia and gets closer to the Art Museum, 2000

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After making our way around the Eraserhood to check on a pair of projects, we decided to continue our way westward and jump across Broad St. into the Logan Square neighborhood. But as we were walking, we came across an imposing presence at 15th St., where the block-sized on- and

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America's history is intertwined closely with Philadelphia's history - including all of the good things and bad things that go with it. The Underground Railroad's footprint in Philadelphia is an example of a high point in low times, serving as a key stopping spot for those fleeing the horrors of

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While doom and gloom have crept into the real estate zeitgeist both locally and nationally, there are certain spots where you could be fooled into thinking the exact opposite. Case in point? 2301 JFK Blvd., what used to be a narrow, wedge-shaped plot that consisted of trees and a surface

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"It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending..."

The great American revolutionary Thomas Paine authored that quote back in the 18th century, and he would probably be surprised (and rather confused) to learn that a skateboarding non-profit would take a similar

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Just a week ago, we attended the public meeting for the revamped, $550-million 30th Street Station development, with Amtrak leading the charge for this long awaited and extremely necessary upgrade. But there is some other sweet transit-related development news afoot as well, this time from our local transit authority, SEPTA.

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If we had to pick our favorite drama, it would probably be the endless soap opera surrounding our beloved Philadelphia 76ers. If we had to pick our second favorite drama, we might have to go with the tale of 1801 Vine St., better known as the Family Court Building. This

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"Adaptive reuse" is one of our favorite phrases to hear when it comes to development in Philadelphia. These two little words typically imply that a piece of the city's architectural past is being retained, while also boosting functionality for the 21st century. 2100-12 Arch St. might not seem like a

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We here at Naked Philly like to bang the drum for increased density, increased height, increased commercial presence, and basically increased everything when it comes to land use, especially in Center City. However, not all proposals that would lead to these outcomes are built the same. Nary a tear is

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