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"Adaptive reuse" is one of our favorite phrases to hear when it comes to development in Philadelphia. These two little words typically imply that a piece of the city's architectural past is being retained, while also boosting functionality for the 21st century. 2100-12 Arch St. might not seem like a

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We here at Naked Philly like to bang the drum for increased density, increased height, increased commercial presence, and basically increased everything when it comes to land use, especially in Center City. However, not all proposals that would lead to these outcomes are built the same. Nary a tear is

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Seemingly every day, more and more of greater Center City - defined here as river to river, from Girard Ave. to the north and Tasker St. to the south - becomes denser, with vacant lots, parking lots, and other underutilized spaces biting the dust. The property at 1823 Callowhill St.

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If you get off the harrowing 23rd Street exit from 676, you'll whiz past a property at the corner of 23rd & Summer, and until quite recently, you probably wouldn't have given it much thought. A surface parking lot until just recently, plans have long been in place for a

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It was just a couple weeks back when we stopped by a little sliver of development in Logan Square, where a mixed-use tower is slated to rise. While we were over there, we cruised up N. 23rd St. to check out the action nearby. Things are nearly wrapped up at

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You may know this by now given the hundreds of times this has come up previously, but we are none too fond of surface parking lots, most especially in and around Center City. So it was with delight that we reported in April on the lot at 2000-24 Arch St.

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As we make the shift from summer to fall, we try to appreciate the remaining warm, sunny days before the inevitability of cold, dark, rainy evenings enter our day-to-day lives. And what better place to do that than along the glorious Schuylkill Banks? We are apparently not alone in that

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CalderUpdate2-05 Entry Pavilion

It was only a week ago when we dropped new renderings for the eagerly anticipated Calder Gardens, a brand-new gallery coming to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. We had some idea of what was to come, but details were scant, which was especially intriguing giving the unorthodox design featuring a mix

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It was just last week when we dropped the news that things appeared to be moving forward for the Alexander Calder "sanctuary" that had long been planned for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. We had zoning documents to give us some idea of what to expect, but we are happy to

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The Benjamin Franklin Parkway is one of the more striking boulevards in the entire country, if we may offer up a rather Philly-centric perspective. It's great, with all the trees and museums and such, evoking the Champs Elysees but lacking a giant arch. Yeah, we know it's a challenge to

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