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The area around Temple University has seen a surge in construction over the last decade plus, with hundreds of projects filling long vacant lots around the neighborhood. These projects range in size from single family homes to sizable apartment buildings, and have dramatically changed student life at Temple, expanding housing

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There's a new project coming to 1600 N. 11th St., and it's giving us some seriously mixed emotions. Currently, this property is used as a surface parking lot, as has been the case for about two decades. And we hate surface parking lots! This one is no exception.This month, developers

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Over the years, we've pointed out countless properties in Philadelphia that needed to get zoning variances in order to pursue reasonable redevelopment, due to inappropriate and/or outdated zoning maps. We've lamented the number of commercial corridors whose properties are zoned CMX-2, which requires ground-floor commercial but only permits two stories

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The Legendary Blue Horizon is located at 1314 N. Broad St. and is currently sitting vacant. The building was originally constructed as private residences and transitioned into the home of Philadelphia Lodge 54, Loyal Order of the Moose in the early part of the 20th century. By the 1960s, the building was

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We were making our way back to town the other day from Roxborough, taking Ridge Avenue all the way to avoid traffic on the highway. As we were getting close to Girard, we noticed a construction fence on the 2000 block of Master, covering a sizable swath of the block.

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In the early 1990s, 1201 W. Girard Ave. was a large vacant lot, located on the edge of the Yorktown neighborhood and several blocks from anything associated with Temple University. The property had been sitting vacant for decades, but old zoning plans indicate that there was an idea to build a small

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There's a vacant and blighted building located at 1512-16 N. Broad St. that a couple readers have asked about of late, and with good cause, as it sticks out like a sore thumb. This building is not only a partially demoed shell right on the edge of Temple's campus, but

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We've written about thousands of projects over the years, so you can forgive us if every now and then we forget about having covered something previously. And frankly, in the case of 1412 W. Dauphin St., we think we deserve a bit of leeway. We were in the area the other

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Visit the intersection of 17th & Master sometime, and you'll see a swath of vacant land on the southwest corner that's just 36 feet shy of the length of a football field. This expanse of open space contains 12 different properties, and experience would suggest that some or all of

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The southeast corner of 21st & Cecil B. Moore Ave. has been home to a church since almost 50 years before Cecil B. Moore himself was even born. In 1870, the McDowell Presbyterian Sunday School Association built a chapel on the southern end of the property, with frontage on Nicholas Street.

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