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If you thought our Port Richmond foray was finished with the Pump House, you're in for a treat! It was almost exactly one year ago that we visited some development sites in the vicinity that were at various stages of progress. Today, we head back the same spot to check

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The area around the train tracks north of Lehigh Ave. at the Fishtown/Kensington/Port Richmond border have been, at times, ground zero of the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia. At the same time, Fishtown and East Kensington have been booming in recent years, and development has been making its way into Port

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Lehigh Ave. is one of North Philadelphia's major east-west axes, traversing much of the city as it shifts from industrial to residential and everything in between. The far eastern edge of the thoroughfare (we'll call it east of Aramingo Ave. for today's purposes) feels strikingly different than most other sections,

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As we were exploring the series of pathways under 95 near Fishtown/Port Richmond (more to come on that - hint hint), we found ourselves on Richmond Street along the main commercial strip in the area. It had been ages since we found ourselves in this neck of the woods, but

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After checking out a couple of projects on either side of Lehigh Ave. recently, we decided to take a jog north along Tulip St. to check out several others that are in various stages of progress. This is a very exciting area from a development standpoint, with four mixed-use projects

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It isn't often that we find ourselves on the Port Richmond-Kensington border, having last been to the area all the way back in 2017 to report on a small townhouse project that is long since completed. However, we find ourselves back in the area again as a big project that

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Drive on Lehigh Avenue, and it's nearly impossible to miss the huge, muraled wall that sits just past Tulip St. at 2157 E. Lehigh Ave., near the convergence of Fishtown, Kensington and Port Richmond. This hulking wall sits immediately adjacent to Lehigh Ave., with nary a sidewalk separating it from

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Our travels take us all over the city, but 2201 E. Tioga St. is located in a corner of Port Richmond that we confess we haven't explored much. The vacant lot at this site sits in a hard-to-define area, where a mix of industrial sites, single family homes, and the

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We have been both surprised and delighted by how development has crept up through Fishtown/East Kensington and pushed past the mental and physical boundary of Lehigh Avenue and the Conrail Tracks at the upper end of the neighborhood. The Kensington Courts project at Lehigh & Frankford Ave. paved the way

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We were skimming through listings on Loopnet the other day when a listing on Lehigh Avenue caught our attention, thanks to some strong marketing work by the group listing the property. 2640 E. Lehigh Ave. is available and here's the listing, in case you don't believe us. This building has been

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