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It was almost exactly a year ago that we checked in at 2406 Frankford Ave., just to the north of the Fishtown Roundabout. We obviously enjoy a good roundabout, and we were checking on a project that was slated to rise near numerous other projects which were in various stages of

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While Fishtown and East Kensington continue to fill in, development keeps pushing further and further north, with Lehigh Ave. forming a natural border to the neighborhoods to the north. At 2654 Coral St., right near the busy corner of Frankford & Lehigh, the building party continues at the site of

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It's no secret that development has been creeping further and further north, and 2046 E. Lehigh Ave. is a prime example of the shift from an industrial-heavy past to the residential/mixed-use present in East Kensington. We visited this site back in the Fall of 2020, when a building, which once

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Back in August, we stopped by several busy blocks in East Kensington near the York-Dauphin Station where 600+ units are in various stages of construction between a mix of adaptive reuse and ground-up projects. Just a few weeks later, we found ourselves back in the area to check out a

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The other day, one of our amazing, intrepid, wonderful readers reached out to us, tipping us off to some happenings on the East Kensington side of Trenton Ave. a little north of the Fishtown Roundabout. We immediately were whisked back to April, when we checked in on the former All-Brite

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The old reliable grid of Philadelphia's street layout is pretty constant throughout much of downtown, with William Penn's famous design still readily apparent today. However, things go a little sideways (pun intended) where Fishtown breaks off at a 45-degree angle to the northeast, creating a series of diagonal lots as

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Today we are taking the next step on our N. Front & Diamond St. journey after just visiting a recent demo, where a 31-unit mixed-use building at 2112-16 N. Front St. is proposed. Now we are making our way to the east side of the street to 2043-51 N. Front

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When it comes to East Kensington, we could probably navigate the area walking backwards with our eyes shut at this point, as we keep coming back to this busy little area over and over again. And here we are once more, as there seem to be plans afoot for 2019-53

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East Kensington is experiencing a development renaissance in recent years, with old industrial buildings and vacant lots turning over left and right. Back in January, we stopped by to check out a potential project in the area and were frankly overwhelmed by how much was happening in the neighborhood. After

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Not only is the East Kensington neighborhood close to the Market Frankford line, but it boasts an interesting mix of older and historic structures thanks to the former industrial nature of the area. We recently covered one example of a potential reboot right along the tracks, and today we are

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