It was almost exactly a year ago that we checked in at 2406 Frankford Ave., just to the north of the Fishtown Roundabout. We obviously enjoy a good roundabout, and we were checking on a project that was slated to rise near numerous other projects which were in various stages of construction. Formerly four rowhouses that were in rough shape, the folks from Archive Development are working with Canno Design on yet another project at the north end of East Kensington. This project is now ready to get started, with 22 units (including three affordable units) to rise across four floors over around 3K sqft of ground floor retail space. As we mentioned before, this design will blend in seamlessly with the projects on either side of the parcel, which were also designed by Canno.

The view of the site today, with the houses gone and digging already underway
A rendering of what's to come at the property
A look at the progress on the south side of the circle at 2331 Frankford Ave.
The four houses that used to stand on site one year ago

This new building will continue to fill in this area as it morphs into a hip, vibrant stretch with the likes of Martha and Forin Cafe close by. And this isn’t the only project currently in the works near the traffic circle. 2331 Frankford Ave. on the southside of the roundabout is topped out and framed up, with the design from Ambit Architecture to bring two units and ground level commercial space to the CMX-2 property. Called The Phrankfjord, plans call for a ground floor restaurant space here, adding yet another activated storefront to set-off this residential-heavy area.

A rendering of the elevation, featuring lots of red brick

We have to say, this mass of development in East Kensington/Fishtown are wildly exciting to us. While the mega-projects taking place across the city lead to major changes seemingly overnight, these infill projects that are reconnecting streetscapes are just as important in our eyes. As a city of neighborhoods, we love seeing these projects add to each area, further contributing to the vibrancy and energy that makes this our favorite city on the planet.