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Thanks to the magic of Civic Design Review, we can now share plans for a new apartment building which is planned for 2507 Almond St., a triangular property that's been sitting vacant for many years. Along with having an unusual shape, this parcel sits at an interesting location just off

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If you're familiar with the Fishtown/East Kensington area, you've probably traversed the crazy intersection where Frankford Ave., E. York St. and Trenton Ave. converge, which formed a bit of a wild west approach to driving through here. If you've been by recently however, you've experienced the wonders of the Fishtown

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We have many times told you about the Workshop of the World moniker that Philly held for so many years - but industry remains prevalent within city limits today in certain areas. One example of this is at 2151-61 E. Albert St. which last served as the location for All-Brite

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If you're cool like us, you spend your free time browsing commercial real estate listings. Every now and then, there's something that pops up that really catches our eye and the angled parcel at 2205-07 N. Front St. most definitely qualifies. This elbow-shaped building was formerly home to Fluehr's Furniture

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East Kensington has seen an avalanche of development lately, and to say the area has transformed would be a bit of an understatement. We remember visiting Urban Axes several years ago and it's safe to say that there wasn’t quite as much going on back then, unless you're a fan

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We confess, we don't make our way to Harrowgate very often, as we generally stop on our travels in that part of town once we get to Lehigh Avenue. The Harrowgate name dates back to the late 18th century, but as this story from Billy Penn details, the area is

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A "vacant" lot at 2511 E. Firth St. is filling in, and three new homes are shaping up. This property was owned by the owner of the adjacent home, who bought it from the City about twenty years ago, for use as a side lot. As $1 side lots go, this

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Scattered across the River Wards are countless industrial buildings which once represented, collectively, the engine that ran the "Workshop of the World." The buildings we see today are all that's left of a powerful industrial presence which reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century, with many buildings having

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2400 Frankford Render

Back in March, we covered a new project coming to 2401 Frankford Ave., excitedly sharing the news that this corner would soon pick up a new mini-Flatiron building to call its own. At the time, we also discussed this nightmarish intersection, where Frankford Avenue, E. York Street, and Trenton Avenue meet at a five-and-a-half

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It isn't as pretty as you'd like to guess. In your memory you're drunk on your awe to me- it doesn't mean anything at all. Oh comely .We confess, we never really knew what that song meant. But we do know that we always hummed it when we passed by Comly Auctioneers, located

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