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We dove deep into the history of 500 South St. a decade ago, describing its numerous iterations over the years. To summarize - a photo studio occupied the building around 1900, before a pivot to a fabric store and then a clothing store through the 1960s. If you remember South

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When meandering around town the other day, we noticed work taking place on the triangular building at 934-44 E. Passyunk Ave. which we first alluded to back in the early days of Naked Philly. Formerly Napoli Pizza, this corner looked much the same over the last decade plus, when other

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Real estate development can at times hold more twists and turns than even Benoit Blanc could piece together. But occasionally, there are surprises which are very positive in nature, with the property at 825 Bainbridge St. in Bella Vista being a shining example. We were here what seemed like not

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Bella Vista is such a quintessential Philly neighborhood, with rows of rowhomes running up against neighborhood businesses. Dante & Luigi's might be the archetypal South Philly small business, as the oldest Italian restaurant in the city, proudly gracing the northwest corner of 10th & Catherine. As much as we'd love

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Every now and then, the timing of our site visits can be quite serendipitous, with our arrival coinciding with some sort of fun or cool event (Note: our definition of "fun" and "cool" might be biased towards this sort of thing). It had been a minute since we stopped in

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Buildings can stand out from the crowd for many reasons. Extreme height, grand design, topographical boosts from a hilltop can all lead buildings to have a disproportionately large impact. When driving east on Washington Ave. the other day, we couldn't help but notice a large, yellow and green presence at

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We always keep our eyes and ears open when it comes to development, but it sure is nice when our amazing readers (that's you!) reach out with a tip. This is one of those times, as a reader recently gave us the heads up that the building at 829 Bainbridge

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Last fall, we shared the news that plans were afoot to redevelop the rather underused property at the southeast corner of 9th & Catharine. A reminder, this property was historically home to Palumbo’s, a music hall slash restaurant slash event space slash privately owned community center, for over a century.

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Palumbo's was a fixture for neighborhood life at the corner of 9th & Catharine for over a hundred years, starting in the late 1800s. It originated as a boarding house for Italian immigrants, eventually expanding into a restaurant, a music hall, and an event space which was home to countless

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We've covered 943 Washington Ave. a couple times in the past, wondering if and when this underused property might level up. Back in 2013, we discussed the history of the buildings at this site, sharing that they had been constructed by a coal company in the early 20th century before

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