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Despite the fact that it sits just a block and a half from Girard Avenue, the 1700 block of Ingersoll Street was a very desolate place just a half a dozen years ago. Back then, the block was completely vacant, with the exception of three buildings. And we don't believe

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We stumbled upon a Demolition Notice the other day, just a few steps away from the intersection of 16th & Girard. This notice portends an upcoming demolition for a pair of buildings that have housed a church for the last couple decades, though this is no standard church setup. We believe the

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A reader reached out to us the other day, wondering what had happened to the building at the northwest corner of 8th & Jefferson. This building had been home to Victory Through Christ Outreach Ministries, though we suspect the building was originally constructed with a store on the first floor

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If you look around the 900 block of Diamond Street, the scenery isn't exactly top notch. There's a huge PGW property to the south which includes a handsome building that dates back to the end of the 19th century and a sea of surface parking. Looking north is a mix of

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6th & Susquehanna is a bit of an odd location to see development these days. It's a little too far north and east for Temple student housing. And it's a little too far north and west for South Kensington / Norris Square market rate development. And yet, when we were

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We were making our way from North Broad Street to Northern Liberties the other day, and decided to take the path less traveled, taking Germantown Avenue pretty much the whole way. As we sojourned, Leo's Apparel at 2705 Germantown Ave. caught our eye. We noticed this business not because we need

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The Wharton Centre may sound like a British outpost of Penn's business school, but it was, in fact, a social services organization in North Philadelphia. From its headquarters on 22nd Street just above Cecil B. Moore Avenue, the Wharton Centre offered services to the African American community that included social

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Historically, the 2200 block of N. 22nd St. was entirely residential, with a few dozen twin homes with enormous backyards. As we do mean enormous. In greater Center City, lot sizes are generally in the 1,000 sqft range or smaller, even though minimum lot size standards require lots to be

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The growth of student housing near Temple knows no bounds, with projects big and small dotting the neighborhoods surrounding the expanding university. The Nest on North Broad Street catches the eye because of its vertical presence, while Diamond Green draws attention to itself by taking up a big chunk of a

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Over the course of several decades and three generations of family ownership, Baker Funeral Home served as a crucial resource for people suffering from loss in its North Philadelphia neighborhood. Behind the scenes though, the business was coping with unpaid federal tax bills to the tune of nearly seven figures, with

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