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The past and present of Ridge Avenue in Francisville are pretty well worn territory on this blog, but in case today is your first day on the site, here's the (mostly) tldr version: This section of Ridge Avenue was once an active commercial corridor. Then the neighborhood endured decades of

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The 1900 block of N. 19th St. is one of the more desolate in North Philadelphia, with maybe half a dozen buildings and a staggering amount of vacant land. By our count, there are 34 vacant lots on this block, and that doesn't even count the empty lots at the

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As this is a blog that covers real estate development, we don't often find ourselves visiting the Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood, due to the general lack of construction in the area. Like many neighborhoods in North Philadelphia, this section of the city fell on very hard times starting in the 1950s, and today there's vacancy

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There's been a church at the southeast corner of Broad & Jefferson since shortly before the Civil War, with the Incarnation Protestant Episcopal Church making its home here for about a century. We don't know what that church looked like, as it was torn down in the 1960s and replaced by

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We were traveling up North Broad Street the other day and noticed some significant progress on the new building at 1310 N. Broad St., a project we first told you about a year and a half ago. You may recall, an unimpressive two story building stood at this address, which was most

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We were cruising along North Broad Street the other day, on the lookout as always for any new construction activity that might catch an eye. We were rewarded for our efforts when we spied some early excavation at 2235-37 N. Broad St., a parcel that's been sitting vacant for at

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In the years just before the founding of the school that would eventually be known as Temple University, wealthy Philadelphians were building spectacular mansions for themselves in the neighborhood which Temple would eventually come to occupy. While the greatest homes were probably located on North Broad Street, there were some pretty

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While perusing the ZBA calendar for this week, we noticed hearings for 932 and 938 Edgley St., with plans calling for the construction of single family homes. The name of the street was familiar to us, though we couldn't place the block on the map, offhand. At first, we believed Edgley

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The Apartments @ 1220 building at 1220 N. Broad St. has a history much more interesting than its boring mid-20th century facade. This apartment tower, originally known as the Flamingo Apartments, was both lauded in its early days for being the first interracial residential tower in the city, but also

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We've openly wondered of late whether we're approaching a saturation point in terms of student housing in the area around Temple, in light of the staggering number of projects that have appeared here in the last decade. While we're not there just yet as far as we can tell, we certainly have

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