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It can be quite interesting to see what people consider historic. While large, highly-ornate buildings from centuries ago are usually easy to spot as being "contributing" from an architectural standpoint, other times it can be difficult to identify why a smaller or less grand structure might be worth keeping around

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We have never been fond of giant empty lots smack dab in the middle of the urban fabric, and the one at 1823 Callowhill St. is an unfortunate example of just that. After a previous life as an orphanage and recreation center designed by Elizabeth Fleisher, Philly's first registered female

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Aya's Cafe was a Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern BYOB which operated out of a one-story building in the middle of the 2100 block of Arch Street for many years. Unfortunately, and we'd guess due to the challenges of the pandemic, Aya's closed its doors in the last couple years. And while

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The western end of the Logan Square neighborhood is home to a few apartment buildings with river views, including Riverside Presbyterian Apartments, Rivers Edge Condos, and Edgewater. Edgewater is the newest of this bunch, having been built around a decade and a half ago, alongside an associated parking garage. You

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The 1400 block of Callowhill is about to level up, just a few years after undergoing an initial and significant change. For decades, this block was dramatically underdeveloped, home to a mere three buildings and an ocean of surface parking. In 2016, Parkway Corporation and the Hanover Company partnered to build a pair of

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The fiasco around the closure of Hahnemann Hospital will take years to unwind. As we and others have detailed before, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital and Paladin Healthcare partnered to purchase the hospital from Tenet in 2018 and they didn't even make it two years before closing the hospital down. When

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305 N. 15th St. is both blessed and cursed in terms of its location. On the positive side of the ledger, it's extremely close to downtown Philadelphia, with Love Park and City Hall a mere three blocks away. It's steps off of North Broad Street, which means that it's not

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If you've walked through the western section of the Logan Square neighborhood or if you've driven on I-76 through Center City of late, you've surely noticed the Riverwalk project progressing at 23rd & Cherry. This development is being constructed by PMC Property Group and includes a pair of apartment buildings on a site

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A small corner of Logan Square is currently experiencing a massive transformation, and it's all thanks to the folks at PMC Property Group doubling and tripling down on their holdings in this part of the city. As you may recall, this developer is currently building the Riverwalk project, which consists of two towers

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PMC Property Group currently has two residential towers under construction in the Logan Square neighborhood which will combine for 711 units and will also bring a new grocery store to the area. These towers are together known as the Riverwalk project, and when we visited the project a few weeks ago, the southern

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