Spring Garden Street west of Broad is one of the loveliest stretches in the city thanks to its varied architecture and (mostly) tree-lined streets, making it worthy of its historic designation. As one makes their way past the Community College of Philadelphia and gets closer to the Art Museum, 2000 Spring Garden St. hides under the shade of a pair of mature trees on both Spring Garden and 20th Streets. What may appear to be a quiet little corner has actually seen a rash of action over the last several years. Plans to demolish the two-story building and erect a five-story, seven-unit building came and went back in 2019. But since then, new plans for a four-story, six-unit building were pitched, and a visit to the corner today will show construction now underway.

2000SG-02 In Past
The two-story building at 2000 Spring Garden in the past, a mix of commercial and apartments
2000SG-02 Old Rendering
A five-story version was pitched and ditched several years back
2000SG-02 Rendering New
A more contextual look scales down the height and density
20th & Spring Garden today, with three of the four floors now up

This project is being developed by the CEO of University City Apartments, even though its location on the Logan Square/Spring Garden border is not a University City locale. KCA Design Associates were brought in for this throwback look, which despite the original building being non-contributing, had to be approved by the Historical Commission. A mansard roof will make up the top floor, with two parking spaces (which required a trip to the ZBA) accessed from 20th Street, one of which will be ADA compliant. The design carries forward the cornice line of the neighboring building, though this updated version lost the rounded windows and doorway that mimicked the existing housing stock from the original plans. Bay windows and setbacks allow for multiple outdoor spaces along this red-brick facade, providing some wonderful views of both the trees and the skyline.

A closer look at the Spring Garden facade and neighbors
The view from N. 20th St. shows the plentiful windows and setbacks
2000SG-new Rendering 2
A rendering shows off the final look, including the fenced parking area

We still aren’t certain if these will be rentals or condos, as this project seems to be outside of University City Apartments’ typical portfolio. Given the outdoor space and location – which is just a few minutes’ walk to Logan Square and the Parkway, as well as to the lovely Fairmount Ave. strip – we could see these potentially going the condo route. Whether they end up being for sale or for rent, this new addition to the prominent corner thus far looks to be a pleasing complement to the grand homes that line these blocks of Spring Garden. Let’s hope that the final materials continue the stately nature of the surrounding buildings as this one gets its finishing touches.