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We've been harping about Washington Avenue for over a decade, dreaming about its potential while lamenting just how much of that potential remains untapped. Don't get us wrong - the corridor has come a long way over the course of those years, with several new mixed-use buildings rising and new

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At 2401 Washington Ave., beauty isn't exactly something that pops to mind at first blush. For over a century, the corner has looked a bit rough, with a dilapidated wood structure from the early 1900's giving way to a surface lot that saw little but piles of trash. There are

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Boy oh boy, has Washington Avenue undergone some changes over the last few years. With projects popping up all over the place and the newly paved (and partially safer) roads, the industrial-heavy past is slowly making a sharp turn toward a mixed-use future. One place where this change is very

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It was back in August when we told you about some exciting news regarding the newest project from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). This new tower, currently named the Schuylkill Avenue Research Building (SARB), will complement the existing Roberts Center and will provide a second structure to CHOP's growing

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Fast food restaurants are quickly going the way of the dinosaur in Center City, with the McDonald's that once stood at 914 S. Broad St. as a prime example of how tastes change. It was back in February of last year when we told you that this McDonald's, which had

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Way back in the Spring of 2014, we first told you about the plans from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to develop a campus on the eastern bank of the Schuylkill River, across from their sprawling University City campus. CHOP purchased the large parcel at 2716 South St. back in

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Have you always dreamed of joining the Naked Philly team? Your chance has arrived!OCF Realty is seeking a full-time Blogger for our growing Naked Philly team. We are seeking an active and ambitious individual who is just as passionate about Philadelphia real estate as we are. Candidates should have their

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Birchwood at Grays Ferry is a senior housing building at 2309 Carpenter St. with 55 affordable rental apartments. The building was previously known as Saint Anthony's Senior Center, as it is was originally constructed in 1897 as the Saint Anthony de Padua Parish School, and was designed in the Romanesque

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Here's a fun history lesson for you - did you know that CHOP wasn't always located in West Philly? The hospital was founded in 1855 and for a few years it operated out of a small building near Broad & Pine. From 1866-1916, the hospital expanded to a new location

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A couple months back, we drew your attention to three buildings at 723-727 S. 17th St. which look like they're independent structures but are actually part of a small condo complex, along with three buildings to the east on Chadwick Street. At the time, we found out about a zoning refusal that

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