Some projects are a long time coming, and the Dwell 2nd Street apartments most definitely fit this profile. After we first covered a previous version of this project a decade ago, we were back again in 2018 as construction was beginning on the first phase of the project. Last summer we returned once again to check out progress, as the intersection of 2nd & Thompson was buzzing with construction. Our video check-in provided some additional updates, as you can see below.

There was one small thing we missed at our last visit: the plans for the NW corner of the site, at 1389 N. American St., weren’t quite as complete as we thought. The original rendering from Barton Partners shows a project that covers a full block, but an aerial of the site shows the corner noticeably missing, with a grassy area next to a small surface parking lot and a separate parking access ramp.

Current aerial shows project looking nearly identical to the renderings, except for the NW corner
An aerial from the opposite angle shows 1389 N. American St., now grassy lot and surface parking lot
Site plan shows that the new structure will be partially built over existing parking ramp

But lo and behold, earlier this week a zoning notice was issued for the property… for a seven story building that just happens to be the same exact shape as the original rendering. The site plans and elevation drawings changing our life, but it is certainly eye candy to us knowing that this block-sized project from the Klein Company is slated to finish up after its long road to this point.

An elevation drawing gives an idea of the seven-story structure to come

With the many, many, many other projects that are right at this corner, we would imagine that the 108 new units that are part of this plan and the new commercial space won’t bother anyone too much. Northern Liberties is slowly blending into South Kensington, with both N. American St. and N. 2nd St. acting as continuations to the residential and commercial corridors to the south. With so much other action taking place heading north, it’s realistic to envision a walkable commercial stretch from well north of Cecil B. Moore Ave. all the way past Spring Garden St. to the south, and if you’re feeling saucy, even further into Old City and beyond.