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Update: This story is not in fact happening. Happy April Fools, everyone!

We've touched upon it here and there, but we love ourselves the concrete-beige beauty of Brutalist architecture. One such structure is the controversial former Philadelphia Police headquarters at 700-34 Race St., often known as the Roundhouse. This prefab constructed

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As baseballs once again disappear into the dark October skies of South Philadelphia, with throngs as loud as jackhammers celebrating birthday bombs, we sometimes require a little stroll to settle ourselves after a big game. So often, those strolls lead to discoveries that are almost as exciting as a lead-off

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After sharing some unfortunate auto-centric news for the Chinatown neighborhood yesterday, we are happy to share some extremely exciting pedestrian-centric news for the Chinatown neighborhood today. After we alluded to the project recently when another development opportunity popped up along Vine St., the Chinatown Stitch released conceptual designs yesterday. For

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For all of the excitement and controversy around the proposed 76 Place plans, there are still properties in the immediate vicinity that are underutilized, no matter where you stand on the viability of a Sixers arena in Center City. One such property is 1018-24 Arch St., which we visited early

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While taking our mind off of the latest Sixers drama (and we aren't even talking about the arena!), we decided to peruse the recent commercial real estate listings. You know, perfectly normal stuff. Seeing an interactive real estate map always modulates our heart rate after getting riled up as the

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12th And Race-01

The northeast corner of 12th & Race is home to one of our least favorite surface parking lots in town. There's a hotel immediately across the street to the west. The Convention Center sits across the street to the south. And yet this parcel has been used as a surface

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The Crane apartment building at 10th & Vine St. has been completed since 2019 after we last visited the site as it was under construction the year before. Even though this 20-story, 150-unit tower developed by the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation and designed by Studio Agoos Lovera might not be

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Earlier this week, we made an unplanned trek across several adjacent neighborhoods, where a boatload of development is taking place. This trip was short, but very sweet, traversing a sizable chunk of the northeast quadrant of Greater Center City. Over the next several days, we are going to check on

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Over the weekend, a zoning permit for the complete demolition of the structure at 210-12 N. 12th St. in Chinatown caught our attention. When we first saw this notice, we didn't think too much of the property at the NW corner of 12th & Spring, where a handsome but neglected

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Chinatown has sure been a hotbed of activity of late, with everything from corporate housing to a Sixers arena proposal popping up on our development radar for the area. New renderings were released last year for another project which would bring 51 units of affordable senior housing to the corner

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