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We find ourselves on Girard Ave. or thereabouts more often than practically anywhere in the city, and that's no accident. This corridor has been booming for a while now, all the way from the Delaware River, to Brewerytown, and beyond. Today, we head to 1000 W. Girard Ave., a long

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The other day when we were at the corner of Broad & Girard to visit a to-be-demolished McDonald's and some other close by action, we decided to weave our way through the northern section of West Poplar to check out any goings on. We made our way to the corner

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Just to the south of our most recent West Poplar update is yet another rapidly changing triangle of development in the shadow of the Divine Lorraine. The intersections of Ridge Ave., 13th Street, and Wallace Street create a small triangle in the city grid, and looking at an aerial from

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As we made our way diagonally down Ridge Ave. the other day, we couldn't help but stop and gawk at the changes taking place in our old familiar development triangle, which we egregiously named "SpringPoplarVille" as a nod to the surrounding neighborhoods. This area roughly bounded by Broad St. to

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North Broad Street has been referred to as Automobile Row in the past, given the density of auto showrooms and warehouses that once lined the blocks between Spring Garden Street and Girard Avenue. Many of those glorious buildings are no more, but cars sure feel like they're still the guests

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The East Poplar neighborhood is one that has started to see its share of projects, with most sitting around the southern or western edges. However, right smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood, there's a project on an empty lot that looks like it'll be starting any day now,

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The Spring Garden corridor that unofficially designates the end of Center City is one that transitions drastically as it moves from river to river. Towards the west, the historic architecture and trees give a quieter feel to the stretch. To the east, huge projects are planned from the Delaware all

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It's rather remarkable how often we find ourselves on North Broad these days, with development taking place from City Hall all the way past Erie Ave. to the north. Well, add another to the tally, as a proposal at 619 N. Broad St. was recently submitted to the CDR. This is

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We have quite frankly been amazed at how quickly things have been changing along Ridge Avenue in West Poplar, between Spring Garden and North Broad Street. Back in April 2020, we mentioned how a long-underutilized lot just north of the intersection of Ridge Avenue and 13th Street was finally getting

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It seems we find ourselves congregating near the convergence of North Broad Street, Ridge Avenue and Spring Garden Street nearly every time we trek out on our latest development adventure. May we mangle the English language to bring you the SpringPoplarVille Triangle? OK, so we know this technically falls in

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