It seems we find ourselves congregating near the convergence of North Broad Street, Ridge Avenue and Spring Garden Street nearly every time we trek out on our latest development adventure. May we mangle the English language to bring you the SpringPoplarVille Triangle? OK, so we know this technically falls in the West Poplar neighborhood, but this little wedge sure has seen more than its fair share of action. That action includes another project near here that we told you about just this past December. And for full disclosure, this technically falls outside of our fun little sub-neighborhood, but let’s take the “close enough” approach on this one.

SpringPoplarVille in green, with our project location in blue

Just a couple of days ago, the Riverwards Group posted something on Instagram that we weren’t expecting – things were already moving on the construction of these 16 large homes. After receiving a zoning permit late last year for lot line relocation, the development team wasted no time moving on this project, which sports the uber-classy name Residences at Park Avenue. And with a bit more looking around, we were able to find updated site plans in addition to some renderings from Harman Deutsch Ohler.

Updated zoning plan shows first phase of houses highlighted in gray
Aerial of the entire project, looking south down 13th St.
Interior renderings show off the width of the houses
Modern touches pair in the light-filled room, with sliding doors to a deck
Calm and spacious bedroom
What, did you think we were going to hide the roof deck from you?

These homes are going to be huge, with 21-foot lot widths, roof decks, two car parking and a drive aisle accessed via Melon Street. When we stopped by to check on progress, we could see that things were indeed well underway. Multiple foundations along 13th Street have started and the shots below show you the size of the site.

View of site looking NW from 13th & Wallace, with Broadridge in the background
View looking south down 13th Street towards Center City
Equipment on site digging foundations
Foundations already in progress on the southeast corner of the lot

As we mentioned previously, only the homes on the 13th Street side will be built in this first phase, with the remaining parcels presumably coming in a later phase. These homes will be steps away from the hustle and bustle, with the Broadridge Aldi, the Fairmount BSL stop and all of the fun of North Broad close by. This little stretch of Ridge Ave. has completely changed over the last few years, as the Canno-designed Venture Commons apartment building now sits on Ridge in the literal and proverbial backyard of these new homes.

View of Broadridge and Venture Commons, with a walkway to Ridge Ave. in between
Canno-designed Venture Commons on Ridge Ave.
Brand new Aldi literally just around the corner, with the Divine Lorraine looking divine

These homes will surely sell at seven figure price points, which is a testament to how much this area has changed from a real estate perspective. If you guessed five years ago that multiple homes in West Poplar within a stone’s throw of Broad Street would go for over a million dollars, we wouldn’t have believed you. But times sure are changing for one of our favorite little development triangles, and we expect things will continue on this track moving forward.