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As Temple University has sprawled in all directions over the last number of years, Diamond Street has held as a northern campus border, for the most part. And just to be clear, we know that a whole bunch of students live north of Diamond, and we're also aware that a

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A little over a year ago, we shared the news that development would be forthcoming on the north side of 1100 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue, at the vacant lot to the south of The View at Montgomery. Not surprisingly, that development was coming at the hands of the Goldenberg Group,

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A reader reached out to us last week with a potentially hot tip for a large parcel on North Broad Street, right near Temple's campus. This person went past 1401 N. Broad St. earlier this month, and spied a large truck on the property that looked like it was performing geotechnical borings.

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We were scanning the ZBA calendar today, as we so often do, and noticed a new project in the works on the 1300 block of N. Broad Street. This block is notable for a couple of reasons, mostly because it's the home of the Legendary Blue Horizon, a 150 year

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If you went to Temple, or if you've spent some time in the neighborhood near the university, perhaps you've noticed Al's Classic Cars at some point. Al's is located at 1333 N. 17th St., on a block that's most notable for its largely vacant western side. If you're into classic

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We've made it a habit to complain that the City owns a ton of vacant land but doesn't generally show much interest in selling it off. In our defense, this is a real problem, with City agencies collectively representing the largest vacant land ownership group in Philadelphia. These numbers are perhaps a little old

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We passed through Temple's campus shortly before the calendar flipped to 2018, and as we were traveling up North Broad Street, some demolition activity caught our eye. For those that went to Temple undergrad, you might recognize this building, located at the northeast corner of Broad & Norris, as Peabody Hall.

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A word to the wise; most of the food trucks on Temple's campus shut down during winter break. Of course, this makes sense, as profitability tends to plummet when your entire customer base disappears. But it's been a minute since we've been in college, so the whole winter break thing

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It wasn't all that long ago that we were covering student housing projects in the area surrounding Temple University on an almost weekly basis. Our coverage has fallen off in the last couple years, not because we're giving the area less attention, but instead because the pace of development has slowed considerably.

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We aren't sure why you'd ever find yourself at the corner of 6th & Berks, but if you do, you'll quickly notice something a little out of the ordinary. On the southeast corner stands a relatively new two-story building that strongly resembles a barn that was designed by a contemporary

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