Isn’t it fun when the Spring of Deception rears its head, only to then suddenly whip you back towards the icy throes of Third Winter? Sometimes it is, actually, like the other day when our inappropriate jacket selection caused us to take an unexpected route in hopes of avoiding the cold. And if it wasn’t for this fact, we would have never seen 301 S. 19th St., where a Rittenhouse staple is getting a full-on face lift.

Well hello there, 301 S. 19th St.

Formerly called the Town House, this property is getting a refresh inside and out, with CosciaMoos leading the way per a recent Instagram post. This building has been residential for awhile and is an individual contributor to the protected Rittenhouse-Fitler Historic District. But it appears a rebrand and some sprucing up are in order here at 19th & Spruce, as The Muse recently received a permit for exterior work after a commercial building permit was issued last spring for the interiors.

A closer look at the lower levels of the Muse, now with scaffolding
A look at the facade along 19th St.
Another view of the building, with work taking place from top to bottom

While the exteriors will remain basically the same on this one hundred-year-old structure, save for a few architectural updates at the ground and roof levels, the main change is on the inside. While certainly not ugly, the interiors look a touch dated, with an early-Aughts styling permeating the units. The update will entail a clean, classic look, with light cabinets and tiles working with modern fixtures to create a new vibe.

A close-up of the refreshed entrance
The residential lobby will keep some of the classic elements while brightening up the space
The amenity space includes a huge open window
Town House Interior
The current interiors, looking perfectly fine if a touch dated
Light and bright is the plan for the units
The bathrooms will utilize an airy approach as well

We are intrigued by this approach, as this seems like a lot of work for a building that quite frankly doesn’t appear to need a lot of work. The interiors were perfectly functional if not oozing trendiness, but perhaps that’s the issue: a location like this almost demands the finest finishes to meet the expectations of renters. With units ranging from studios to two-bedroom spaces, we’d imagine the rents here won’t be cheap, necessitating an update. This move doesn’t appear to be motivated by a recent sale, either, so perhaps it was just time for a change.

But hey – it’s not our money, so we can’t wait to see a cleaned-up, souped-up spot right in the heart of Rittenhouse. And if anyone does decide to move in here soon, we are happy to help celebrate the occasion up on the roof so we can get a glimpse of what are likely some of the best views in town.