We’ve written about the ritzy Rittenhouse Square area many times, with pre-war rowhomes mixing with glitzy condo towers to create perhaps the most sought out neighborhood in the entire region. As the tried-and-true real estate saying goes: location, location, and uh, we forget the third word. At 2041 Delancey Pl., our focus today, it would be tough to find a better location (ah, there it is!), as this end unit sits just to the east of 21st St. between the gorgeous Cypress St. to the north and Delancey Pl. to the south. And in what comes as no surprise, this 7,500 sqft slice of the Square comes with a hefty price tag, as this four-bedroom, six-and-two-half-bathroom home has just hit the market.

Approaching 2041 Delancey Pl. from the north along 21st St.
Another look at the facade and fenced parking area
A view of the stately front doors
Looking NE from 21st and Delancey
Another look, this time from Delancey Pl.
An evening shot from the listing, when foliage was still around

A quick rewind before we get to where we are today: this property last changed hands back in 2014, with the property trading for $2.5 million when it was looking nice, but in need of some updates. The interiors were dated at the time of the sale, with an old listing showing the somewhat dusty feel of the place. While perfectly acceptable from a finishes standpoint, things have changed – dramatically – since we last got a look inside a decade ago.

Nice but dated in the living room from a decade ago
Another shot of the traditional interior approach
Plenty of original woodwork and details were present throughout the home
A look at the straightforward finishes of one of the bathrooms

While we would imagine many people would be perfectly content to live in the home pictured above, the current owners had bigger and bolder ideas. This house is listed on the local historic register, and was likely built sometime in the middle of the 19th century, based on the architectural style and the construction date of a similar home just across the street. Where we see the big, big changes, however, are inside. STUDIO EDO and S.R. Gambrel teamed on this design, which looks straight out of the pages of Architectural Digest. The interiors ooze luxury now, with high-end finishes everywhere you turn. Every inch of the space has been updated, with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect (walk in closets, elevators, etc.), creating a space that would be just as home on the Upper East Side as it is in its current spot. But enough talk, let’s dive into it!

Updated staircase and work work
A refined seating area, with transom windows, fireplaces and chandeliers
An open and airy living room
Another look at one of the glamorous living areas
The huge kitchen features a sizeable island
Prep space and room for your wine collection
A dining room big enough for two full size tables
An example of some of the bathroom finishes throughout the home
The large bedroom features neutral tones for ultimate relaxation
Another bedroom is smaller but just as nice
A wood-paneled study completes the estate

This home is really something special, unlike anything else on the market today. While other units in high-rise condos have higher-price tags, this is the tip-top of the market for folks looking to walk right into their home without going through a lobby. But will we see this trade at this price? Nearly $10 million is a lot to ask for a house that features a basement kitchen, minimal outdoor space, non-covered parking for only one vehicle, and four bedrooms. On the other hand, this home is so unique and well located, it might just sell for the desired price.

For context, actor David Spade just purchased a four-bed home with access to private beaches and walking trails in Newport Beach, CA for the very same $9.5 million price tag. While there can only be one star of Joe Dirt, we do hope that this stately Rittenhouse structure finds a new owner to appreciate this remarkable Philly rowhome sometime in the near future. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you are thinking about scooping this one up for yourself; we’d be happy to help you move your wine collection into the cellar.