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The 700 block of Latona has plenty that's going for it. It's a quiet South Philly block that's a bit hidden due to its narrow nature, but it's extremely close to so much of the action that the city has to offer. Passyunk Avenue sits just a couple blocks away.

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We started our day this morning with an unexpected pleasure in the car - a shiny little light on the dashboard with an exclamation point inside of what looks like the letter U. That light, on the off chance you've never seen it, is a sign of low tire pressure,

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While we appreciate the finer delicacies of the culinary world, a good, old-fashioned diner is always a welcome sight when we're feeling peckish at whatever hour of the day or night. The Broad Street Diner at the corner of Broad & Ellsworth is one such spot to scratch that itch,

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Is there a more quintessential Philadelphia fixture than the Italian Market near the intersection of 9th & Washington? The stretch along 9th Street has been featured in the famous Rocky montage while serving as one of the best open-air food markets in the country (Note: we strongly urge you to

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It was about thirty years ago, at the end of 2019, when we last provided an update on plans for the Municipal Complex that takes up the oddly shaped city block encompassed by 11th Street, Wharton Street, 12th Street, Reed Street, and Passyunk Avenue. If you're unfamiliar, this block is

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Most would surely agree that 1312-16 E. Passyunk Ave. is a highly desirable property. It's on Passyunk Avenue (obviously), and just a couple blocks to the south, Passyunk transitions from a mostly residential street into one of the best commercial corridors in South Philly. It's also located steps away from Pat's and Geno's,

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Historically, the triangular parcel formed by 8th Street, Passyunk Avenue, and Washington Avenue was the site of maybe a dozen homes or small apartment buildings which we believe were torn down in the 1960s. A service station opened here by the 1980s, and by the 1990s, Captain Jesse Crab Company

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When we lived in Passyunk Square back in the day, we occasionally visited Liberty Lumber at the corner of 7th & Alter, predictably to buy some lumber. The building supply business closed down a few years ago though, and in 2016 we told you that the upper floor of the

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Unless you live nearby as we once did, we don't know why you'd ever find yourself on the 700 block of Latona Street. But let's just say, for fun, that you stumbled upon this block after a cheesesteak at Pat's at some point in the last couple decades. If that

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A guy named Buckley built a garage at 621 Reed St. back in 1915 and liked it so much he decided to put his name on the front. Though the first floor has been used fairly consistently as a garage over the years, the upper floors were converted to a

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