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Back in the day, a neighborhood laundromat operated out of a building at 702 N. 23rd St., with an apartment occupying the upper floors of the building. The laundromat closed at least a decade ago and new owners bought the property in 2012, but it appears they never found another

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The Fairmount neighborhood is one of the most established in greater Center City, with a well maintained housing stock which sell for high prices, a quality neighborhood public school, and a strong commercial corridor on Fairmount Avenue (half of which is technically in Spring Garden and some of which is in

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A couple years back, we showed you some demolition activity on the north side of the 2300 block of Fairmount, and told you about plans for a new mixed-use building from Loonstyn Properties. In case you've forgotten, the project called for three retail spaces on the first floor, 33 units on

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It wasn't even two weeks ago that we pointed out some zoning notices on the large vacant lot on the north side of the 2600 block of Poplar Street and felt a sense of hope accompanied by a pang of uncertainty. This parcel has been sitting vacant for a bunch

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By and large, it's working out for all of us that we live in a free country. But freedom for some can present frustration and aggravation for others. See, there's a large vacant lot on the north side of the 2600 block of Poplar Street, and many neighbors would surely love

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We don't find ourselves reporting on too many projects in Fairmount, mostly because there aren't all that many projects to cover. A mature neighborhood, Fairmount has its share of rehabs and the occasional one-off project, but there haven't been many projects sizable enough for us to cover over the years.

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When we told you about the proposed five-story building at 2333 Fairmount Ave. last week, many people were excited to hear about the plan but skeptical about what the building would ultimately look like. Several commenters suggested that Loonstyn Properties doesn't have the greatest track record in terms of architecture,

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A few months ago, we drew your attention to a demolition notice at 2333 Fairmount Ave., and we frankly weren't so sad to be losing this relatively unexciting three story building. At the time, we knew that Loonstyn Properties had purchased the property and we suspected that they would be looking to

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A reader reached out last week, having spied a demolition notice at 2333 Fairmount Ave., curious about what's to come for this address. For those unfamiliar with the property, here's a peek:Demo notice at 2333 Fairmount Ave.The three story building is rather unexciting, and looks like it was constructed in

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Some people weren't wild about the renderings we shared for the proposed seven-home development at Taney & Brown. Several commenters said that they wanted homes that blended in better with the fabric of the neighborhood, and some neighbors reached out privately with similar feedback. Proving that developers can be responsive

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