A reader reached out last week, having spied a demolition notice at 2333 Fairmount Ave., curious about what's to come for this address. For those unfamiliar with the property, here's a peek:

Demo notice at 2333 Fairmount Ave.

The three story building is rather unexciting, and looks like it was constructed in the 1950s. We're not sure what it was built for originally, but it's been used for a combination of office space and residential rentals in recent years. Also, perhaps some neighbors remember that Curves rented the first floor several years back. But soon, if the notices on the building are to be believed, it will leave this mortal coil and retire to the great city in the sky. So let's believe the notices for a moment- what can we expect next?

We're honestly not sure, as we can't find a zoning or a building permit just yet, aside from the demo permits. What we can tell you is that Loonstyn Properties bought the building along with the parking lot next door last summer, and these guys have a track record when it comes to mixed-use development on Fairmount Avenue. Remember, they built the Uber & Fairmount project a few years ago which included three commercial spaces and 25 residential units.

Mixed-use building from the same developers, a few blocks to the east

At 2333 Fairmount Ave., once the current building comes down, the developers could build a 55'-tall building with ground-floor retail and 34 apartment units by-right. We aren't sure whether they'll go quite so tall and/or with quite so many units, but it's a pretty safe bet that a serious new building will soon rise here. Perhaps we'll get a clearer idea of what's to come once the demolition moves forward.