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For being such a small street, Church Lane in Germantown sure has been a busy place from a development standpoint as of late. This quiet lane just off of Germantown Ave. has had a couple proposals earmarked for some of the emptier properties on the street.We will first quickly address

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"Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" typically induces images of the salty seas, but in this case could describe the drinking water in Philadelphia about a year ago. It would be tough to forget, but a chemical spill on the Delaware River caused chaos within our water

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What better way to celebrate the start off the work week than with some Philly history? Dennis Carlisle of OCF Realty Commercial gives you the scoop on some of Philadelphia's most interesting buildings in the return of a familiar feature.Midvale Theatre, built 1914, by architect Lawrence Visscher Boyd, has a

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It was just last week when we whisked you away to the heart of Germantown, where there was a proposal for a 148-unit project to rise on a former building materials site. Despite the upgrade over a mostly empty property, the community was not fond of the project, stating it

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Germantown has quickly become a major development hotspot, as our recent article on a 148-unit proposal in the neighborhood would suggest. But wouldn't you know it, there are actually two other sizable projects proposed just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our last visit. The surface lots at

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We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Germantown is one of the most gorgeous and special neighborhoods in the entire city. The property at 42-68 Church Lane, a block or so away from the famous Belgian block street and another project we checked on last year, is not

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Northwest Philly, to no one's surprise who lives there or has been through recently, is having a bit of a moment from a development perspective. There are projects going up in every neighborhood you could think of, and we have another one to add to the list. At 5037-41 Wissahickon

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While we are not fond of empty lots, some are admittedly nicer than others. From old asphalt to dirt to overgrown weeds, a neglected plot of land rarely provides much value to the neighbors. So when we heard through the Civic Design Review about the project proposed for an "empty"

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For as much as we love Philadelphia and everything it has to offer, we occasionally pine for an elevated view of the city that doesn't require Spiderman-like abilities. So when we were over in East Falls recently, we certainly appreciated overhead the view from the train station. The tree-lined winding

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Chestnut Hill is undeniably charming and adorable, sporting some of the most picturesque streets in the entire city. The historic architecture, cobblestones and mature trees can give the impression of a neighborhood frozen in time. And for one former gas station, the neighbors are wishing they could turn back the

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