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Dox Thrash became one of the more interesting artistic stories to emerge from the city's history, even though he wasn't originally from here. Born in Georgia before spending time in Chicago and fighting in WWI, Thrash eventually found his home in the City of Brotherly Love, where the skills he

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Stop us if you've heard this one before: an unremarkable former commercial building in a changing neighborhood is torn down and replaced by apartments. OK, we're aware that we tell this story about once a week or so, but we are here yet again to tell the tale of 909-17

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Back in the summer of 2017, we were excited to share the news that developers had redevelopment plans for the southwest corner of 26th & Girard which called for a bit of scale. 2600 W. Girard Ave. had a building on it at some point, but was sitting vacant since

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The northeast corner of 33rd & Berks has been sitting vacant for decades, since at least the 1970s, and was used as a gas station prior. As is the case with so many vacant lots in this town, the City of Philadelphia eventually took ownership of this property, foreclosing in

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Now more than ever, we are seeing new development in Strawberry Mansion, and it makes all the sense in the world if you think about it. A section of Fairmount Park is located immediately to the west, providing easy access to a huge stretch of green space. Brewerytown is just

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We were heading to Roxborough the other day and there was traffic on 76, so we opted to take Ridge Avenue all the way. When you take Ridge from downtown to Roxborough, first you pass through Francisville, then Sharswood, then Strawberry Mansion. Historically, we haven't spilled much virtual ink on Strawberry

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Developers and builders love right angles for obvious reasons. And the proof is in the pudding, as just about every building you encounter in this town or any other is rectangular in shape. But the lots upon which buildings get built don't always cooperate with a laser level, sometimes due

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We first visited the 1300 block of N. Marston Street back in 2015, noting that developers had purchased 1327-33 N. Marston St., a long vacant industrial building. We told you that the developers were working to stabilize the building, a former milk depot, and predicted that redevelopment was probably in store

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The history of 2620 W. Girard Ave. is far from obvious, given that it's a sizable vacant lot in the middle of Brewerytown's primary commercial corridor. You'd never realize that it was once a rail depot, later transitioned to a bus terminal, and was eventually home to a supermarket. Since the

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We last checked in on the northeast corner of 31st & Jefferson a little less than two years ago, as construction was just getting underway for a project called Otto Brewerytown. You can probably guess if you don't remember that 1501 N. 31st St. was previously an industrial building, and you

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