We first visited the 1300 block of N. Marston Street back in 2015, noting that developers had purchased 1327-33 N. Marston St., a long vacant industrial building. We told you that the developers were working to stabilize the building, a former milk depot, and predicted that redevelopment was probably in store for the property. We expected an addition and a partial reuse, hoping that the building’s industrial history would remain apparent with any project.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 At 12.31.57 PM
In the past

In early 2017, we learned that the developers were going for a 17-unit by right project over three stories. By the time that year was nearing an end, we discovered that new developers had purchased the property and it appeared that it would be torn down completely. By the beginning of the next year, we revisited the block and saw that the concrete frame of the first floor of the building had been maintained and we were hopeful that it would stick around and get integrated into some kind of redevelopment.

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View in 2018

Wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what’s happening. Now we know that Argo Property Group is developing this property, sticking with the 17-unit approach that we first told you about a few years back. The new building, which has progressed pretty well this year, will be rather unique edifice due to the combination of its reuse of the original first floor and some unique architectural flourishes. Check out the progress and the rendering:

Nice progress

As we’ve told you along the way as we’ve provided updates on this property, there have been several other new buildings that have appeared on this block over the years. Argo has been responsible for many of them, and considers them a collective development over several addresses. Per Argo, they will have over 50 units on this block when this development is finished, and all will share amenity space which is spread out between a couple of the buildings. Also and not for nothing, the Milk Depot project and the completed Icelandic up the block are both unusual architecturally, making this block all the more fun to visit.

Newer buildings next door
The Icelandic, across the street
Another project across the street

At 1314 N. Marston St., more or less across the street from the Milk Depot, we see there’s another project which recently started construction. This isn’t an Argo project so the eventual residents here won’t be able to use the gym or the business lounge across the street. Still, the project will add another 16 units and 14 parking spots, further increasing density on this block and adding to the development momentum in Brewerytown in general.