The development frontier seems to be expanding in South Kensington on a regular basis. We’ve seen new projects appear further and further west, recently checking in on a pair of projects near 6th & Jefferson, for example. On the 100 block of W. Berks Street, there’s a significant residential project under construction, and a mixed-use project should eventually follow on the same block. Still, we were quite surprised when we heard that there were some zoning notices on the 2100 block of N. 2nd St., north of Diamond Street.

A Home With Zoning Notices On Either Side
A home with zoning notices on either side

Yeah, that’s them. The properties at 2122 and 2126 N. 2nd St. are zoned for commercial use, but the zoning notices indicate plans to build a pair of duplexes on either side of the home pictured above. That home is also getting renovated, fyi. A couple years ago, all three properties were listed for sale for $150K but no buyer came forward. Public record doesn’t show it yet, but we’d wager that a developer has bought the properties and is now looking to build. We have to imagine that, assuming the ZBA approves the project and the duplexes get built, all five units will be offered as rentals. We’re not feeling condo sales over here, you know?

Looking To The North
Looking to the north
Looking South
Looking south

We can’t think of any projects that we’ve seen this far north so far from Temple that student housing seems like it’s out of the question. Looking around the immediate area, there’s quite a bit of underused property that other developers could consider if this project works out. In particular, the warehouse building in the image above caught our eye as a possible residential conversion some number of years down the road. Lest you think it’s vacant, you should know that it’s currently occupied by Charles Schober Company, a wicker wholesaler. That building would make for some amazing lofts if development were to ever make it up here in earnest. For now though, let’s see what happens with a pair of duplexes.