South Square Project Coming Soon on Berks Street

Development continues all over South Kensington, so it's no shock that we have news today about another project that's way up at the tippy top of the neighborhood. Yesterday, we recieved a press release describing a new project planned for 182-188 W. Berks St., a lot that's currently some kind of parking lot or car dealership. AGA Developers are the folks behind the project, and you may remember them as the developers from Trenton Stables and Frankford Square. With both of those projects now sold out, AGA is moving on to the next thing.

Current view

Trenton Stables was a purely residential play and Franford Square involved a row of homes and a row of mixed-use buildings- this project will be closer to the latter in terms of the concept. Overall, look for nineteen residential units in a combination of single family homes and mixed-use buildings. There's gonna be two commercial spaces and access to a parking area on Berks Street. Check out this rendering:

Project rendering

On the plus side, this project will sit about two blocks away from the Berks Street El Station.

Just a couple blocks from the Berks stop

On the opposite side of the ledger, this project is about as far north as South Kensington goes, and there hasn't been much market-rate development this far up. It'll be especially interesting to see what kind of retail tenants (or condo buyers) they're able to find for these two commercial spaces, we can't think of too many businesses that have recently opened in this part of the neighborhood. It certainly bears watching in the coming year or so.