While we were trekking around South Kensington to check on a new brewery/residence, we were floored by the amount of construction happening all around. Even though we are in the area often and seek out construction sites, this little pocket has so much in progress it can be difficult to keep up. But that’s why we’re here, to do the grunt work so you can stay informed. Let’s make like a bird and take to the sky to see the area roughly between Cecil B. Moore, Berks, N. American & N. 2nd St. to digest all of the action. We’ve highlighted three major projects in the area, with three smaller ones also beginning to make their presence felt.

An aerial showcases all of the action in the area

We start today at 1705 N. American St., where progress has been moving swiftly since we last swung by the site. Urban Intent is the developer for this 179-unit, mixed-use project that is bringing a sharp modern look from Atrium Design Group. This drama-packed building is getting closer to the finish line, with 10K sqft of retail space to further activate the ground level along American.

Current view of the progress at 1705 N. American St.
A rendering of the final product

Immediately to the north is 1801 N. American St., which is a large parcel that was recently subdivided, with plans for multifamily for the southern portion of the site. This Scannapieco-developed project will include 110 units designed by HDO Architecture, along with the now-open Grocery Outlet that makes up a large portion of the low-rise building on the north end of the property. This will provide some swanky digs, with an infinity pool overlooking the commercial strip the defining feature.

Progress on the multifamily portion thus far
A rendering shows off the raised residential amenity
View of the progress from Phillip St.
A contemporary look is planned
Grocery Outlet at the corner of N. American & Berks

Stepping a bit south, 1701 N. 2nd St. is racing toward the finish line at the NE corner of 2nd & Cecil B. Moore. 88 units are wrapping up here, with Brick Capital tapping SgRA for this neo-industrial design. There will be a substantial commercial component here as well, joining the mixed-use trend happening all around. Called The Rally, Stokes Architecture+Design also added to the interior design bona fides, creating a clean, fresh design for this six-story building.

A view of The Rally from the corner of 2nd & Cecil B. Moore
We're hopeful we'll see the planned street trees
A look at the warm but fresh interiors

While these three larger projects capture the majority of our attention, there are three others happening close by that are also changing the area. 1733-41 N. 2nd St. sits on the acute corner up the street, bringing 12 units and ground floor commercial space in another design from KCA Design Associates. Just across the angled street is 1731-39 Tilghman St., which will add 28 units and more commercial space to the area, along with 16 parking spaces, once again designed by HDO. And finally is 1801 N. 2nd St., yet another project designed by HDO Architecture. This project on the corner will inject 20 more units and two additional commercial spaces to this busy, busy area.

1733-41 N. 2nd St. to the left, with 1731 Tilghman St. to the right
1801 N. 2nd St. in progress on the corner

That’s 437 new units and multiple commercial spaces coming to the area, and that’s only including what’s already in progress. If some of the other large projects close by eventually get started, we could see another 400 or so units join the fray. To say that this part of N. American St. is being reinvented is an understatement, as the disconnected pockets of residential mass in the area are slowly but surely linking up as the area continues to evolve.

A tidy 286 more units proposed at 1901 N. American St.
Another 110 units pitched for 1730-54 N. 2nd St.