Biodegradable detergents and pick-up and drop-off services via bicycle? Philly’s Wash Cycle Laundry is putting a new spin on eco-friendly service. Earlier this month the establishment, located on the corner of 16th and South Streets, kicked off its campaign to become one of Philly’s most green laundry services. Its goal is to provide services to its customers in the most eco-friendly way by providing a new take on a somewhat lackluster subject: washing clothes. Not only does the sustainable service provide washing and folding services (the rate is only $1 per pound), but the real green gem is the actual way the fresh and clean items are delivered: via bikes! (Even when snow covered the streets of the city, the mat’s cyclists were out providing their customers with delivery services.) The expansion of this innovative company is another example of how welcoming Philadelphia is towards eco-friendly businesses. We know you drivers already hate the bikers taking up your lane, but go easy on them; they’re helping the environment in more than one way!  Follow them on Twitter here.