We couldn’t tell you whether the auto garage at 2319 Amber St. was wonderful, terrible, or somewhere in the middle. We do know though, that this business made perfect sense at this location for a long time. The surrounding blocks were a sea of older homes and vacant lots, with nearby Frankford Avenue drawing relatively few customers from within the neighborhood and almost nobody from other parts of the city. Within the last ten years though, as Fishtown development has dribbled into East Kensington, this auto garage has slowly transitioned from fitting right in to sticking out like a sore thumb.

Amber Garage_0
In the past

It came as no surprise then, a couple years back, when we told you that the owners of the auto garage had sold the property to developers, and those developers quickly demoed everything on the site. A year later, we checked back in on the property just as construction was getting moving, and told you to expect five new homes here. If you take a look at this next photo, you can see that the project is now finished. Needless to say, things are looking a little different here than they did before.

Current view

It’s a sign of the times in this neighborhood that even this property, which wasn’t perfect for residential development, has turned into town homes. Three of the homes are built on 50′-deep lots, which is good enough for a nice sized new construction home but still doesn’t leave you with much in terms of a backyard. The other homes were built on 40′ lots which results in homes that are a little smaller than a developer might prefer, especially on the 2nd floor. Still, three of the homes have already sold, with the corner trading for $495K and one of the smaller homes selling for just under $450K. The remaining units are listed for $475K for a larger model and $450K for a smaller one. So you can still get in on the action! Or not, whatever you wanna do.