Something Happening at Amber & Arizona

Amber Street in East Kensington is getting more development, we just aren't sure exactly what form it will take. Last week, a reader gave us the heads up that a one-story building at 2319 Amber St. had been demolished. The building was previously home to a car mechanic shop, so there's a bunch of existing curb cuts on the property.

In the past

Now a vacant lot

Developers purchased the property earlier this year but what they'll build here remains to be seen. The lot, which measures over 4,000 sqft, has a bit of an irregular shape which would make it easy to build two really wide but needlessly long homes. Or you could build five homes at normal width, but not really deep enough. Alternately, three buildings with apartments could be a way to go. But we'll leave it to the architects to figure it out, and then to the community to chime in, since the property is inappropriately zoned for single-family use. One thing we can pretty much guarantee, it won't go back to being used as a garage.

Passive houses across the street

Other new homes nearby

This project, whatever it is, will join a ton of other development nearby. Across the street are the two Passivhaus homes from Post Green. Around the corner is a row of homes built in the last year or two. And all up and down Amber Street, there are numerous new homes that have sprung up as East Kensington has become a neighborhood du jour. Whatever happens on the site of the former garage, it will probably blend in with the crowd.

Has anyone heard about what's planned for this site?