Image from Chinatown Development Corp. Facebook Page


Mark your calendars for the Chinatown Block Party on Saturday, July 2nd, 12-4pm. At the block party, Chinatown will celebrate America’s Independence Day with a full and exciting day of festivities and programs. The celebration will feature outdoor retail and food vendors offering a wide variety of delicious treats, so both 10th and Race Sts. will be closed to vehicle traffic. While you’re sampling these tasty foods, relax and watch one of the featured cultural shows or one of the musical performances on an outdoor stage. Cool down with a refreshing cup of iced coffee, iced milk tea, or a smoothie from a local bakery. Stop by the ping pong and mahjong tournaments to watch a competitive match. Also, be sure to browse a street stall while you listen to an amazing performance from the featured band.

The Chinatown Block party is sponsored by Wawa Welcome America and organized by PCDC in partnership with the Chinese Benevolent Association. For more information, contact Melody Wong at (215) 922-2156.