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Spring Garden Street, while masquerading with a verdant name, is hardly the lush, landscaped thoroughfare that the title projects. From river to river, the street cuts through numerous neighborhoods, sometimes tree-lined, oftentimes barren of any flora at all. Nearly a decade ago, the seeds of the Spring Garden Street Greenway

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The historic Spring Garden neighborhood is one of the under-appreciated architectural gems in Philadelphia. The neighborhood is home to block after block of intact three and four story brick townhomes, many of which have been chopped up into apartments over the years. Some blocks have some particularly attractive and unusual

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Like any major city, Philadelphia has a mix of street sizes, ranging from narrow alleyways to major arteries to federal highways. Today, we are going to focus on one particular arterial road, Spring Garden Street. This four-lane street suffers from a familiar malady that we've seen with similar streets, like Washington

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A reader reached out recently and gave us the heads up that 1601 Mount Vernon St. is listed for sale. This is exciting news, as the building has quite a bit of history, with some of it dating back over a century and a half, and the rest relating to its slow

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A reader reached out to us the other day, wondering about some recently started demolition on the 2200 block of Spring Garden Street. This felt like familiar territory, and lo and behold, we had indeed covered the property in question, 2225-27 Spring Garden St., once before. A little more than

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A little less than two years ago, we excitedly shared the news that something new and exciting was in store for the northwest corner of Broad & Spring Garden. This property is owned by Parkway Corporation, and as you might expect given the ownership situation, it's been used as a

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A few readers have reached out to us in recent weeks, wondering about what looks like some early stage construction activity near Broad & Fairmount. We wrote a story about the former Apostolic church at 1406 Fairmount Ave. waaaay back in 2011, pondering its future after its owners unsuccessfully listed it for

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The Spring Garden neighborhood doesn't see a ton of construction activity because there aren't too many properties in need of redevelopment and also because its classification as a historic district makes development more complicated and expensive. In certain historic districts, developers can skate by with new construction that sort of resembles

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A reader tipped us off recently that the low slung building at 2225 Spring Garden St. will soon meet its maker, or at the very least, the wrecking ball. Because the building is located within the Spring Garden Historic District, any demolition plan will need to come before the Historical

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New Deal Restaurant made its home at 1600 Fairmount Ave. for over a decade, serving greasy spoon fare at relatively reasonable prices while getting atrocious Yelp reviews. The business shuttered in 2015 though, and their space has been available for rent, pretty much ever since. Most recently, the 1,800 sqft

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