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While the massive uCity Square campus is making the biggest change to the area, there is plenty of other activity in the gorgeous Powelton Village in West Philadelphia. At 3727 Baring St., a bit north of the uCity Square action, we find ourselves at the former home of Catalyst Church.

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We're not much into zombie movies, but it sure feels like a bunch of projects are coming back from the dead these days. One such project is Village Square on Haverford, a mixed-use project that we last checked on back in 2018. This project near 37th & Haverford in Mantua

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It wasn't even a couple months back when we found ourselves on the busy 4100 block(s) of Lancaster Ave. to visit a soon-to-be reimagined Leader Theatre. We checked in on a couple other projects at the time, unaware that the largest of all of them was in the works just

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We have long said that there are very few corners of our fair city where development isn't taking place. However, a project at 1818 N. 53rd St. in the Wynnefield neighborhood represents our first venture to this part of town, at least to the extent we can remember. We just

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The Provident Mutual Life Insurance building at 4601 Market St. is one of the grandest buildings in all of Philadelphia. The towering building gives off a stately presence in the middle of a verdant campus at the head of the Mill Creek neighborhood, right at the 46th Street MFL station.

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In some ways, West Philly can feel like a bit of a time warp, with the built environment opening up a portal to a time when buildings were just a bit more beautiful. The $4.67 Car Wash that sits on the corner of 46th & Chestnut is a different kind

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While we have seemingly visited every corner in West Philadelphia over the last several months, we haven't heard much about the project at 4400 Market St., which we last told you about back in 2021. Back then, a gas station stood on the SW corner, awaiting demolition to make way

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Parkside is one of our favorite neighborhoods in the entire city, with its proximity to West Fairmount Park creating a grand feeling as you see the tree-covered park across the main strip. And don't get us started on the terrific architecture. Despite projects proposed for some sites around the neighborhood

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Covering the entirety of the site of the former home of University City High School in West Philadelphia, uCity Square is one of the largest developments in the entire region. A joint venture between the Science Center and Wexford Science & Technology, this ZGF-designed master plan encompasses over 10 million square

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Philadelphia has a rich history of old movie palaces, recalling a time when countless cinemas dotted the urban landscape. Back in their heyday, these theaters offered an escape from the humdrum of daily life, and perhaps more importantly during the summer, they provided air conditioning. Unfortunately, our fair city has

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