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Like many of you, we are a bit numb thanks to the heartbreaking end of the Phillies season last night. But how about a big ol' support blanket of development? Thankfully, a brand-new proposal for 708 Sansom St. definitely gives us a much-needed feeling of hygge. Sitting in the middle

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Open since 1998, the Alexander Inn is a lovely staple of the Philadelphia hotel scene. This 48-room spot sits in the heart of the Gayborhood/Washington Square West, with its classic design and premier location absolutely oozing with charm. But as this area has seen more development, it was almost inevitable

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If you haven't been by lately, the famous rainbow crosswalk at 13th & Locust in the heart of the Gayborhood has been repainted. Or more accurately, has been re-thermoplasticed, as the faded walkway has received a vibrant upgrade. With a mural and gorgeous architecture, this photo from a recent article

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123 S. 12th St., despite its Sesame Street-sounding address, is growing up rapidly after we last stopped over back in August. But me oh my, the scene sure is different here just five months later. Formerly a parking garage, this project (now called Jessup House, thanks to the sliver of

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When Midwood purchased the former 12th Street Gym in 2018, people were understandably fired up about the situation. Not only had the building at 204 S. 12th St. served as a fixture in the community for over three decades, but it also functioned as a canvas for a gorgeous Gloria

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"Too many cooks in the kitchen" is a saying that usually has negative connotations, suggesting that too much input from too many people will lead to a suboptimal outcome. Thankfully there are exceptions even to the most cliche statements, and we are here today to talk about one of those

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A few months back, we checked in on 700-04 Chestnut St. in Washington Square West, when we were confused by a zoning permit that allowed for the demolition of what we believed to be a contributing building to the Chestnut Street East historic district. We weren't sure why this was

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While we try to stick to local fare (come back soon, Jim's!) when looking for something less-than-healthy, the Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich may be our go-to fast-food choice. While you're straining your neck from vigorously nodding in approval or violently shaking your head no, some even more spicy news is

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Sansom Street, at least through much of Center City, is one of the more unusual roads we can think of. Part street, part alley, part hidden gem, this is one of the few streets in the heart of Philly where you feel like you can really disappear. Sometimes that's in

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Every once in a while, a project comes our way that both catches our eye and catches us off guard. When we saw a new zoning permit for the properties at 700-04 Chestnut St., the eye-catching part was easy. After doing a little bit of research on this property, we

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