A reader tipped us off recently that the low slung building at 2225 Spring Garden St. will soon meet its maker, or at the very least, the wrecking ball. Because the building is located within the Spring Garden Historic District, any demolition plan will need to come before the Historical Commission. Since the building was constructed in 1958 and doesn’t (at least as far as we’re concerned) contribute to the historic neighborhood in any meaningful way, we imagine the demo efforts will proceed as planned.

Current view

With the building coming down, it’s safe to assume that we can look forward to a new building replacing it. The details of this new building are a little hazy for us though, with the zoning application indicating that the new building will be used for “visitor accommodations.” The zoning code defines the visitor accommodations use as “temporary lodging for fewer than 30 days where rents are charged by the day or by the week or portion thereof and may also provide food or entertainment primarily to visitors and tourists.” So… that sure sounds like a boutique hotel that nobody is talking about.

Art Museum in the distance
Looking east on Spring Garden Street

When you think about this location, a little hotel makes all kinds of sense. The Art Museum is just a few steps away. The Barnes is around the corner. There’s a huge Whole Foods basically next door. Best of all, there are no other hotels within ten blocks of here. We can imagine a business plan for a little hotel here that involves tiny units (the lot is under 4,000 sqft, after all), reasonable prices, and a phenomenal location. We’re kind of mad we didn’t think of it, to be honest.

Of course, all of this is speculation, we’re not totally sure that’s what’s happening here, nor are we certain that the ZBA will approve the project in the first place. Has anyone attended a community meeting about this project that can provide a little more info about what’s going on here and whether it has a realistic shot at the Zoning Board?