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Fishtown infrastructure has been in a state of construction for several years, thanks to the widening and improvements that are part of the 95Revive program. Thankfully, a majority of the construction in the area is now completed, with through-streets now open again, along with landscaping and hardscaped paths below and

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Day after day, one-story commercial buildings surrounded by parking are becoming increasingly antiquated, especially near-ish to transit and/or in booming neighborhoods. One building that checks both boxes is the BB&T Bank at 130 W. Girard Ave. at the far NE corner of Northern Liberties. Perhaps several years back this sort

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It was just over a month ago that we last made our way to 500 N. Columbus Blvd., where we told you about plans afoot for an adaptive reuse for the building sporting the giant American flag mural. Today, we are checking out a different part of the property, where

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After exciting updates on our development journey in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5, today brings us to the sixth and final stop on our magical mystery/construction tour. While you're wiping your tears away reminiscing about our voyage, let's take a gander at the map

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After our lower Fishtown check-in following Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our development journey, we make our way to the Delaware River Waterfront, where several projects are well underway in this rapidly changing area. After few projects over the last couple of decades, there is development everywhere

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While all of the stops on the previous (and future) legs of our development tour featured large projects, today we're looking at a project so big that it pretty much creates a new neighborhood. Piazza Alta includes several buildings, adding 1,131 units to the large Piazza complex. Though the address

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Last week, we covered the first leg of our six-part series chronicling some of the construction taking place in the northeast quadrant of Greater Center City. Today we shuffle a bit to the east, where things are booming in what we're calling Upper Northern Liberties, as "Northern Northern Liberties" is

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Formerly home to the Philadelphia Warehousing & Cold Storage Company dating back to the 1890s, the historically designated complex at 500 N. Columbus Blvd. is currently home to a self-storage facility, warehouse space, and electronic music venue The AVE. Despite the hulking mass of these brick-heavy buildings, there are two

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It is no secret that Northern Liberties is one of the most development-heavy areas in the entire city, with huge projects sprouting up from the northeastern corner to the southernmost reaches of the neighborhood. All told, over 5,000+ units are planned over the coming years, necessitating a reimagining of the

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It was May of last year when we told you about the huge plans from National Real Estate Development and Kushner Real Estate Group, which would revitalize a sad length of 2nd Street between Spring Garden and Callowhill. National is the team that brought us the nearly complete East Market

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