Seems like we were just wondering where the Streets Department would put the city’s two north/south bike lanes, but there’s no more guessing anymore! As of this weekend, a fresh new bike lane was painted on 13th St. And while we didn’t make it over to 10th St., you can bet that they’ve either already painted a new bike lane there, or it’s soon on its way. The new north/south bike lanes on 10th and 13th Sts. are a direct result of the success of the city’s east/west Spruce and Pine street bike lanes, and whether we get to keep them will be determined by whether the people use them. Also- it looks like the City is wasting no time in actively enforcing the new bike lanes either, as we saw a car get towed for blocking the lane at 13th and Chestnut right before snapping this photo.

–Conrad Benner